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the party committee of the district visited mass education exhibition of the chinese communist party
2013-12-06 09:20:26


 on september 29, more than 80 secretaries and party members from grass-roots party organizations of the party committee enterprises of the district visited chinese communist party mass line educational practice exhibition and guangzhou non-public enterprise party building demonstration unit, with wang weixiong, secretary of the party committee of enterprises of an enterprise of the district, zhou bin, member of the party committee, and other leaders participating. ;

in the morning, the delegation visited guangzhou peasant movement institute memorial hall and three sites of the chinese communist party, had an in-depth understanding of the development history of labor and peasant movements and historical stories such as revolutionary united front, carefully studied basic connotation of mass line of the chinese communist party and party’s progressiveness, purity and the spirit “people-oriented, pragmatism and incorruptness”. in the afternoon, the delegation were accompanied by luo liwen, vice-chairman of liwan district association of industry and commerce and deputy secretary of non-public party working committee, to visit 2 non-public enterprise party building demonstration sites- guangdong daxiang pharmaceutical co., ltd. and guangzhou liby group co., ltd. and conscientiously learnt party building innovation from them so as to lay a foundation for party building work of non-public enterprises in the district.

(liwan district federation of trade unions)

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