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group culture
  • vision:

    - world famous brand and century-old liby

  • mission:

    - bring health and happiness to every family

  • value:

    - integrity, responsibility, quality, sincerity and courage

  • ten hearts of liby employees:

    - patriotism, gratitude, affinity, sharing, altruism, tolerance, simplicity, usual mind, introspectiveness and self-confidence

  • spirit of liby employees:

    - struggle and aggressiveness, diligence and frugality, arduous struggle, the courage of being the first and transcendence; loyalty, filial piety, kindheartedness and justice, modesty, sincerity and simplicity, great ambition and entrepreneurship.

  • belief of liby employees:

    - methods are always more than difficulties. nothing is impossible. all problems can be solved as long as you dare to think, make preparations and take actions. all goals and wishes can be realized.