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employee care
01employee growth

employees are the key to the success of our business, especially because we have entered a new development phase. we attach great importance to physical and mental health of all employees and equip them with knowledge and skills through training to help them stay ahead of industry trends. we have launched a variety of wellness programs to support employees’ personal growth and strive to create a positive and harmonious work environment to help employees grow to their fullest potential.

liby was given the honorary title of “national model employer for harmonious labor relations”

career development

liby has leveraged the “liby training center” platform to build an employee development system which offers a full range of professional, systematic and tailored training programs. we also use our e-learning platform and wechat official account to support staff learning and development.

key performance

• we invest tens of millions of yuan in employee training

• by the end of 2019, we had organized more than 1,122 training sessions with a total length of 39,151.6 hours and 88,605 employees attended the training sessions.

training for employees recruited through our on-campus recruitment process

we have rolled out a “3 1” training program for employees recruited through our on-campus recruitment process. the program is composed of four components: the college student training camp program, internship opportunities with our factories and marketing team, onboarding program, and li cai xing on-campus recruiting program. it is designed to help new hires adjust to their jobs and integrate them into the corporate culture as quickly as possible.

core talent development

in addition to the new manager training program and the youth leadership program, we have also launched the qingyun leadership program to groom top talent for leadership to drive business growth in the next five years.

staff training and development

each month, we invite our senior executives to share their insights with our employees on our corporate strategies and culture and pass on knowledge and wisdom to help employees improve performance and job skills. by the end of 2019, we have organized 16 such events.

02employee innovation

we encourage employees to be innovative, and have built an innovation system within the group with an incubation platform. with the support of the group, new products continue to be successfully developed, new brands incubated, and liby has gradually built a brand cluster covering all scenarios at home and elsewhere. at the same time, the group established the "crab innovation" fund, held innovation hackathon and other activities to provide rich resources to employees and help stimulate their innovation abilities. we support employees to translate their innovation into actions and programs and also have created a pro-innovation and dynamic cultural atmosphere.

02employee wellness

to foster a sense of belonging among employees, we attach great importance to employee wellness and strive to create a healthy and happy workplace for all our employees.

quality living conditions

since its inception, liby has been helping employees with dormitories. single employees who satisfy the relevant prerequisites are eligible for application. meanwhile, liby has built a five-star canteen and recruited quality catering service providers to create quality dining environment and choices.

medical facilities

liby has built a medical service center integrating healthcare, prevention and health care services for its employees. the center has one full-time physician and a nurse, who provide medical services to employees catching 42 types of common diseases including cold and fever. the measure helps employees to solve the problems in terms of accessibility and affordability of medical services.

thoughtful care for mothers-to-be

liby sets up a nursery room equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven and sofa, etc., on every floor of the liby center higher than 18 floors so that pregnant and breastfeeding women employees can have a rest in work. it also opened a special food ordering system for mothers-to-be and designated a special dining area for them. with a “mother-to-be badge,” pregnant employees can take priority in taking elevators. through these measures, liby offers mothers-to-be considerate care.

feature: doubling safety net to employee happiness and bringing warmth to home

【sdgs】goal 3: good health and well-being

accidents or critical illness usually means a catastrophic blow to an ordinary family, upending their happy life or setting them in distress. to help employees with such difficulties, chen kaixuan and chen kaichen, chairman of the board and vice chairman of liby, donated 2 million yuan in their own name and set up the employee caring fund in february 2009. supporting management systems were built to give assistance to employees who suffer critical disease or accidents and their immediate family members. the fund doubles the safety net of employees’ family and makes the company a caring family to its employees. by the end of 2019, liby’s employee caring fund had offered assistance to more than 200 employees or their family members, with the total assistant amount nearly 3.6 million yuan.