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win-win cooperation

integrity and shared growth have always been at the core of the business philosophy of liby. we select our supply chain partners carefully and regard them as part of the liby family. we and our partners have shared mission, ideal, goals, and honors. we are committed to leveraging our own resources and management capabilities to help our partners prosper so that we can achieve sustained value creation.

01supplier management

we have always attached great importance to sustainable development of our suppliers. we work proactively to strengthen our supplier relationship management and build sustainability and transparency into our supply chain.

supplier management system
supplier development and selection

liby works to regulate the whole process from supplier development to qualification review, onsite evaluation, trial production, trial supply and regular supply after evaluation.

tiered supplier relationship management

liby sets a tiered system to manage its suppliers, which are categorized into four levels. a-level suppliers are called strategic pacesetters, which serve as models for all its suppliers. b-level ones are strategic suppliers who provide liby with high-standard and key materials. c-level ones are ordinary suppliers who provide liby non-key materials. d-level ones are backup suppliers which are mainly chosen to stimulate and regulate the existing suppliers.

supplier disqualification

liby makes suggestions of removing or reforming certain suppliers based on the annual report on comprehensive management of suppliers. when something goes wrong with a supplier, liby will ask it to rectify the mistake, during which liby also gives some help. if the supplier still fails to meet liby’s standards or refuses to rectify its mistakes, it will be removed from the list of liby’s suppliers.

support for the supplier management system

liby moves supplier management online and finishes the process of supplier admission, tiered management and removal via its srm system. in this way, the management mechanism is fully carried out.

02support to brand-service-providers

we have been working to help brand-service-providers improve their business efficiency, build talent pipelines and achieve sustainable quality-oriented development by rolling out relevant training programs, sharing information with them, organizing brand service provider conferences and providing one-on-one support.

helping brand-service-providers improve business operations
creating a brand service provider training system

based on our own demands, we have launched various training programs in relation to amoeba management, channel operation, and sales skills to help brand-service-providers build teams, and improve operations.

sharing useful experience

we review and take stock of our successful business models and provide them to brand-service-providers so that they can draw on our experience, improve management and team building, and grow together with liby.

maintaining continuous communications

in 2019, we upgraded our annual brand service provider conference to brand service provider conference where our brand-service-providers can review the past, share their achievements, and plan for the future. by maintaining continuous communications, we strengthen our bonds with brand-service-providers and give them a sense of belonging.

training future brand-service-providers

liby’s “future business elite” camp program started in 2009. the program aims to introduce liby’s corporate culture, products and management practices to the children of our brand-service-providers and offer internship opportunities to them so that they can improve their skills through practice. some of the participants have taken over their parents’ business or become their parents’ right-hand men. others have started their own business as independent brand-service-providers of liby.

all-round support

we offer one-on-one, all-round support to our brand-service-providers, helping them manage inventory, improve operations or solve problems when necessary so their business can grow together with us.