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  xi jinping, general secretary of the central committee of the communist party of china, chairman of the central military commission and president of the people's republic of china, graciously received xu xiaodong, secretary of the party committee of the group.
(party building work conference of non-public enterprises in march, 2012)
  liby group has set up an example for party building work of non-public enterprises in china. the group has been highly valued and commended by party committees at all levels of central and local governments and won dozens of honorary titles such as “national civilized unit”, “national double strong top 100 party organizations”, “national ideological and political work advanced unit of private enterprises”, “national worker pioneer”, “national advanced unit of public and democratic management of factory affairs”, “advanced basic-level party organizations of guangdong province”, “may 1st labor medal of guangdong province” and “party & government forum top 100 party organizations of guangdong province”. chosen as top 10 excellent non-public party organizations advanced model by the organization department of the central committee and popularized nationwide, the group became one of the most influential advanced party organization of non-public enterprises in china.
  in long-term practice, the party committee of liby constantly and actively explores an effective way to strengthen party building work of non-public enterprises. with eight organizations as the roof, five combinations as the pillar and 3d party building as the foundation, a party building “family” working mode with liby characteristics is formed, which carries out ideological and political work based on production and management, greatly promotes party construction building and enterprise development and makes a series of brilliant achievements.

   realize organizational innovation and become a private enterprise with the best party organization. liby group has established party committee, discipline inspection commission, labor union, youth league committee, united front work department, women's committee, armed forces department and reserve service guard successively. the discipline inspection commission built anti-corruption “horizontal and vertical coordinates” system and became a contact point of the central discipline inspection commission and a direct contact point of the secretary of guangdong provincial discipline inspection commission. the united front work department became the first united front work department of non-public party committees of guangdong province and made a great breakthrough in united front work of non-public economy of guangdong province. the armed forces department was the first and the unique basic-level armed forces department of private enterprises to date of guangzhou city. it was highly recognized by chang wanquan, member of the central military commission and minister of the ministry of national defense and established the first volunteer service team caring for left-behind children in guangzhou city. the women’s committee became the first and the unique women’s committee of enterprise in guangdong province. with reserve service guard, liby group beame the first private enterprise with reserve forces in china.
liby group invested a lot in offering venues and service staffs for free and built china’s first provincial level non-public party building exhibition hall with an exhibition area of nearly 3000㎡. since it was completed on june 29, 2017, it has received more than 30,000 visitors from all over the country and became an important display window and platform of guangdong province and guangzhou city to display and exchange non-public party building work.
   publish the first party building innovation theory monograph of non-public enterprises in 2013, the party committee of liby group and hongqi magazine jointly published party building innovation research of non-public enterprises, which became the first monograph on new party building theories of non-public enterprises in china. the book explored how to carry out party building of non-public enterprises under the new situation through illustrating a batch of successful examples which did well in party building and development such as liby group, so as to lay a solid foundation for further promoting party building of non-public enterprises.
  practice “five combinations”.the party committee innovates and explores “give combinations” method integrating party building and modern enterprise management system, namely: combine party building work with production and management, enterprise culture, talent cultivation, mass work and honesty building. “five combinations” safely landed “family” party building work and effectively promoted enterprise development, cultural construction, party building and team stability.

   carry out 3d party building:carry out “vigorous party building” with the theme of motivating party members and strengthening self-building, “effective party building” with the theme of serving enterprise centers and promoting production and management and “happy party building” with the theme of serving mass organizations such as labor union and league, united front work department and armed forces department. build a “3d party building” mode with “vigorous party building” as the foundation, with “effective party building” as the guidance and with “happy party building” as the landing point and a new basic-level party building pattern with great vigor, high efficiency and great happiness.
build the first domestic party building activity online platform and become the first domestic party organization which carried out online party building. in may, 2016, the party committee initiated “liby party building” live program and built the first domestic party building online platform, which became the first domestic party organization which carried out online party building. since its establishment, “liby party building” live program has been highly concerned by all social circles and superiors and audiences spread over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and even taiwan. driven by “liby party building” live program, online platforms such as douyu and inke began to carry out online party building. “liby party building” live program was reported by mainstream media such as gdtv, guangzhou daily, gztv and, was commended by organization department and propaganda department of guangdong provincial party committee and won basic-level theory propaganda innovation award of guangdong province in 2016.
initiate “wechat party class tutorship” and carry out “party member shakes and secretary talks”.specific to “three difficulties” (difficulties in coverage, attraction and effectiveness) of party class education, “secretary’s heart-to-heart talk time” was established, party members of liby can have a “one-to-one face-to-face” private chat with the tutor by wechat “shake”, which breaks through limitations of time and space and realize “point-to-point” ideological tutorship. “party member shakes and secretary talks” caused great concern and strong reaction nationwide and highlighted by gdtv and gztv, etc.

  innovate and implement party member point management method. in the mass line educational and practical activity of the party committee in 2014, specific to party member assessment, the group explored and implemented party member point management method, which quantitatively assessed daily performance and function of party members using more than 40 indexes and realize scientific, data-based and transparent assessment of party member. this method aroused great concern of party organizations at all levels inside and outside the province and was surveyed repeatedly.