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questioncan washing performance be affected by excessive clothes?
a. the spiral stirrer will be stuck by excessive clothes and consequently the washing effect will be affected. for a better washing effect, the quantity of clothes should be adjusted according to capacity of washing machine. the expected washing effect can be reached as per water level and washing ability of washing machine described in the user manual.
questionwhy does soap sometimes go soft?
a. first, the content of solid fat or stearic acid in the soap is too low. then, the soap may not be thoroughly saponified, the alkali content is too low or the glycerinum content is too high.
questionwhy does soap sometimes crack?
a. it is mainly because formula and raw materials are used improperly, the content of solid fact is too high, the content of coconut oil or liquid oil is too low, raw materials are not stirred evenly or temperature is not controlled well. besides, soap will crack due to water loss if it is long exposed.
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