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speech by chairman

we never fear great challenges and advance bravely against difficulties. we also cut a road when coming to hill and build a bridge when encountering water. we turn challenges into opportunities through enterprise culture and implementation. i take the advantage of talking with you about liby’s culture with the aim of helping awaken and inspire colleagues being confused and realize a happy life.

causationism management-know cause and effect, practice cause and effect and accumulate merits

cause and effect are different results of the good and the bad of the way of being a man and doing things. an effect presupposes a cause. you must reap what you have sown. everything happens for a reason and with an effect. cause and effect are a scientific principle and a natural law and karma can be manifested in work, life experience and health. whether in business management, work or bearing ourselves, we should know the causal relation, follow the causal logic and practice the causal law.

now that cause and effect are a natural law, the key is to follow the law. we ought to reflect on cause with brain and effect, perceive them with heart and practice them with action. we should be a good man, do things well, accumulate merits and work hard for return.

cause and effect are a principle of doing things. for an “effect” you must work out the “cause”. running a business is for an “effect”. “cause” is actually the source of judging a hero by result, regarding output as the basis and judging return by performance. “cause” is behavior and practice; while “effect” is the result of behavior and practice. for “effect” such as great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, making enterprises stronger and bigger, serving the country and people and a happy family of employees, what should we do and how should we plan the “cause”. bad causes have bad results. low efficiency, ineffectiveness or bad result is equal to busying ourselves to no purpose, or flogging a dead horse, or doing nothing, or making no contribution, or having no value, or being unfair to investors and well-performed employees, or wasting resources, or causing damage to enterprise, or affecting prosperity of the country and great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, or damaging employee’s benefit and running the happiness of their small homes. family, company and state supplement each other and integrate into one. how we work every day relates to their benefit and future. only when we work with high efficiency and good result, our “small homes” and the country are good and the chinese dream of chinese nation’s great rejuvenation can come true earlier. it is the principle of cause and effect, the significance and value of our daily hard work and the essence of business management.

if someone does things with result and return, the reason must be that he works hard, struggles, pays out and spares no pains. otherwise, the result must be bad and he will not get a return, not to mention a satisfactory return. it is retribution according to natural law. without action we can get nothing. everyone can understand it, but the key is to practice. in practice, everyone is the top leader within the responsibility range. everyone is a boss, an operator, a manager and an executor. everyone should have new ideas and methods, constantly make new requests for themselves, boldly innovate and do things and dare to take responsibility and make a success.

cause and effect are the principle of being a man. what comes around goes around. some hurt others by words and some by actions, and then they will pay the price. the ancients said “people who accumulate merits will have good fortune and leave good fortune to descendants; otherwise, they will suffer disasters and leave disasters to descendants.” even though they do not pay the price, their descendants will do so. thus, we cannot speak rudely, or do evil things against heavenly principles, or harm other to benefit ourselves, or benefit ourselves at the expense of public interests. people who do evil things must reflect on themselves and correct their mistakes; otherwise, they will eventually pay the price. heavenly principles request us to be honest and tolerant and observe professional ethics, professional integrity, honesty and trustworthiness, law and discipline and obligation. karma is a natural law. you must reap what you have sown. we should try out best to do good things, help others and think for others in order to accumulate merits and get rewarded. helping others is equal to helping ourselves and hurting others is equal to hurting ourselves. it is karma.

cause and effect are the principle of health and life. human health and life are determined by gene, social environment, natural environment, medical condition and lifestyle, among which lifestyle accounts for 60% and plays a decisive role in health and life. people can live to above 100 years old. it is an ideal effect and the cause must be a healthy lifestyle and law. therefore, we must extensively cultivate good causes of health and life: keeping a regular daily life, balanced diet, appropriate physical exercise, broad mind and tolerance, a pleasant state of mind and emotion and a harmonious family atmosphere. besides, we must give up bad causes harmful for health and life: staying up late frequently, eating fried foods, drinking only beverages instead of water, having no breakfast but night snack, haggling over every ounce and spending the day negatively. bad causes must have bad results. if you cultivate bad causes long, you cannot enjoy good health and longevity. it is karma. bad results must be from bad causes. some die of a malignant disease at around 40 years old. liver cancer and lung cancer with an increasing higher morbidity are mostly related to unhealthy living habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and staying up late, and people who have senile diseases become younger in average age. it is causality. an effect presupposes a cause. we should not only know the karma rule, but also follow the causal logical relationship and practice the natural causal law. or it will be too late to regret until we have serious illness and even fatal illness. thus, cause and effect are the natural law of health and life. we can maintain health forever and prolong life only through changing unhealthy living habits, adjusting good state of mind, keeping fit, doing physical exercise, invigorating health effectively and preventing diseases.

we must follow the causality as always, practice the causal law, extensively cultivate good causes and make a lot of good friends in order to realize a happy life and build a century-old career!

positive thinking

first, sunshine mentality and positive thinking.

sunshine mentality means to uphold a positive attitude towards people and things every day, think more about good things, say more kind words, do more good things, look at the brighter side and think positively. attitude plays a decisive role in life. change yourselves if you cannot change others. it is not things but attitude that is of greatest importance. things change with attitude. as long as you uphold a positive attitude and think positively about bad things or people, you will feel bright and hopeful, be full of positive energy and see other’s advantages only. many people often think reversely nowadays. they often think of social darkness, including bad things and people. they have no sunshine mentality and positive thinking after all. you can find solutions to the problems and objectives and make a success in a positive way. otherwise, you just find excuse and will never succeed. hence, there is no good or bad and the key is how you think. you will be surrounded by darkness if you think negatively and embraces brightness if you think positively.

second, advocate management and practice five values

strict business management is a kind of beneficent management in a positive perspective. if employees make mistakes, they will be punished as stipulated. the purpose to help employees get rid of bad habits, improve work style, gain positive energy and eliminate negative energy. it appears punishment. in fact, it is beneficence. it is a kind of beneficent management. integrity, responsibility, quality, sincerity and courage are core values of liby. they are positive energy advocated by liby and positive thinking, which i share them with you. integrity means honesty, trustworthiness and self-discipline. we should be fair, righteous and honest. responsibility means to perform duties, be qualified to own work, have a sense of responsibility and dare to undertake responsibility. quality means high quality of work, craftsmanship spirit, perfection and fulfillment of “high efficiency, high benefit and high effect”. sincerity means to be sincerely considerate of others, be practical and realistic in work, dare to be serous and tell the truth, really practice and do solid work, have the courage to bear responsibilities and work efficiently. courage means to dare to be the first and make breakthrough, constantly make transformation and innovation, carry out tasks resolutely and efficiently and keep ahead forever. the rules of conduct of liby specify conformance and nonconformance of five values and have been comprehensively applied to talent recruitment, training, performance appraisal, talents selection, icon propaganda and cultural construction.

third, benefit others and pass positive energy.

benefiting others is a metal state relative to self-interest. it is not to seek fame and wealth but to dedicate and pay. it is a life realm of respecting, helping, containing others, great kindness, great virtue and great love. the rose's in her hand; the flavor in mine. from the point of positive thinking, benefiting others, whether praising, helping other containing others, will improve our temperament and happiness. passing positive energy is a causal law and karma. it means to help others and ourselves. it is great virtue and great kindness. in other words, we should share positive energy so that everyone gets better. as a matter of fact, we also help ourselves, just as the saying goes “helping others is helping ourselves; vice versa.” as long as we pass positive energy, we are accumulating virtue and doing good deeds and will be rewarded.


first, how to make outstanding achievements? to make outstanding achievements, i figured out 20 words during the spring festival, namely “wisdom, bravery, strategy, intelligence, love, reputation, virtue, kindness, filial piety, loyalty, simplicity, pragmatism, profession, result, strictness, shrewdness, precision, carefulness, detail, node and point ”.

wisdom means intelligence and iq. we should have great wisdom and handle affairs with high iq. bravery means the courage to struggle and win, think and act, act with courage and determination, innovate, explore, bear responsibilities, try and adventure. strategy means astuteness and resourcefulness. we should make a plan first before act;

intelligence means emotional quotient. with a high eq, we can make a lot of friends, live in harmony and get along with others politely. love means benevolence and love quotient. we should have love to people and country. patriotism takes the first place among 10 hearts of liby. we should love the country, the company and our families. reputation means prestige. liby has a good reputation, because we take reputation as the life and honor credibility. god help those who help themselves and businessman should keep faith;

virtue means morality and accomplishment. we should accumulate virtue and do good deeds. kindness means a virtuous heart and mercifulness. the purpose is to consider more for others. people should be kind; otherwise, we will bear evil consequences. it is the casual principle. karma makes sense from the perspective of materialism ad natural law. that is, you must reap what you have sown. people who do wrong must bear evil consequences. recently, a fellow-villager came and told me that someone died. it is because his parents did too many bad things. it is a matter of both idealism and materialism. filial piety means to be filial to parents at home, respect the elder and the virtuous in work and respect each other;

loyalty means to be loyal to families and the company. simplicity means simpleness, brevity and conciseness. we should conform to the principle of simplicity and simplify complex problems. pragmatism means practicability and sturdiness. we should suit the action to the word and be steadfast and efficient in work. profession means speciality. we should know the business, concentrate on what we do, master necessary skills and become professional. result means to judge a hero by result and value the result of whatever we do. the result must be real and good.

strictness means to do things rigorously and scrupulously. the company should be strict in management and discipline. employees should set strict demands on ourselves. shrewdness means to be shrewd and capable, keep improving, plan carefully, act scrupulously and build quality products. precision means to be sure, precise and resolute. carefulness means to be careful and meticulous. detail means to be attentive to details, nodes and every link. point means to grasp key points, break through difficulties, stress highlights and strive for perfection. every word has its own principles. we can reflect on ourselves and strive to improve ourselves and develop our skills, abilities and habits.

make family, company and state better

employee’s family, company and state seem different, but they are a community of shared interests with common goals and wishes. only when you perform well in work and fulfill tasks, your own family can be happy. only when employees fulfill tasks and have a happy life, the company can have a bright future and attain sustainable development. only when people have a happy life and enterprises attain healthy development, the country can attain better development and achieve objectives. all of the three are closely linked and inseparable.

on the contrary, a state’s prosperity relies on enterprises. a state grows stronger as enterprises do. it is just because most enterprises valued above usd 100 billion among fortune global 500 companies come from america that america became a great power a hundred years ago. enterprises grow stronger as a state does. backed by a powerful state, enterprises can rapidly expand the global market and grow faster. the prosperity of enterprise relies on talent, because anything cannot be done without man. in turn, employees rely on enterprise. enterprises can offer a bigger platform and development space to employees only when they grow stronger. otherwise, employees will have no opportunity to display their talents. therefore, employees grow and their families harvest happiness with growth of enterprise.

family, company and state have a common goal and they grow together. they are closely linked and interrelated, promote each other and develop jointly. thus, work is of great significance and is directed and judged by result. for a good result, we must have a good cause. otherwise, we cannot perform well in work and the company will not develop well. for great achievements and values, we also must have a good way of being a man and doing things. otherwise, our life, family, company and even state will be affected.

finally, i hope you could accumulate virtue, make a lot of good friends and do good deeds in work and life in order to receive rewards. i hope you could take an action immediately, roll up your sleeves and exert all your energies to pass positive energy like a burning iron rod. i hope you awaken your consciousness, think positively, behave yourselves and make family, company and state better together! otherwise, you will have no opportunity to display your talents. in a word, only when the state becomes stronger, enterprises can develop better, employees can grow better and their families can live a happier life.

  • everything happens for a reason and with an effect.
  • cause and effect are a scientific principle, a natural law and a heavenly principle.
  • an effect presupposes a cause.
  • make a good cause and accumulate merits, and you will have a good result.
  • manage the cause to guarantee the result.
  • regard target as the guide and judge a hero by result.
  • ineffectiveness is equal to busying ourselves to no purpose, flogging a dead horse and threatening the life of enterprise.
  • awaken conscience, think positively, behalf ourselves and make family, company and state better.
  • positive thinking, positive mind, positive behavior and positive energy.
  • reform, innovation, rapidness and efficiency.
  • control, inspection, tracking, implementation and assessment.
  • be invincible, overcome difficulties, execute orders, stop what is prohibited and make no excuse.
  • mind determines layout and layout determines result.
  • dare to struggle and win, determine to win, grow rapidly and always be the first.
  • perform duties, dare to take responsibility and realize the goal.
  • strategic thinking, overall consideration and have the initiative.
  • enlightenment, inspiration and happiness.
  • the winner finds a method and the loser finds an excuse.
  • make an example, and be impartial, honest and self-disciplined.
  • perfection, craftsmanship spirit and high quality and quantity.
  • plan carefully, lower the cost and strengthen advantages.
  • do it yourself and do solid work.
  • the best solution must be put into practice.
—— speech by chairman