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public welfare undertakings
01donating supplies worth 200 million yuan to designated hospitals

with the spread of the pandemic, many designated hospitals are in short supply of medical supplies. liby and cheerwin donated disinfecting and sterilizing products worth 200 million yuan to the chinese red cross association to help designated anti-covid 19 hospitals across the country. as a responsible corporate citizen, liby works proactively to support response and relief efforts and play our part in the nationwide effort to stop the pandemic. 200 million yuan

02donating over 100 million yuan to poverty alleviation

actively responding to the calling of the nation, liby has been contributing to poverty alleviation efforts through donation and enabling employment. liby has donated over 100 million yuan to the cause in total, contributing help to improving poor people’s living conditions and their livelihood

03 funding the building of chen baowen school in puning

in 2013, liby donated 45 million yuan for the building of chen baowen school in puning of guangdong province. with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters, the newly-built school is equipped with a library, auditorium, dormitory building, teaching facilities like computers, sports track, badminton court and basketball playground. in addition, liby helped the school attract quality teachers and students, and set up scholarships and awards for teachers to honor outstanding students and teachers.

04 liby health and happiness project

on november 28, 2015, liby health and happiness project launched an event of “one step for love: liby charitable run” and unveiled a public mobile application “home .” instead of making donations like clothes, users contribute their love to left-behind children in need through activities that are beneficial to their own health. on the day for the ceremony, the event attracted countless participants, who presented hundreds of “liby happiness backpacks” to left-behind children via the home app. in the backpacks were postcards that connect parents, volunteers and children as well as painting books, tools and toys.

05funded the building of liby loving libraries

the project of “liby loving libraries” focuses on improving the education facilities for children in remote areas and caring for the psychological health of left-behind children. in 2016, liby donated five million yuan to guangdong provincial education foundation for building libraries in remote areas. the first liby loving library was built in dongxin primary school in fengjiang township, jiexi county of jieyang city. after that, liby established 40 such libraries and donated 140,000 books and 160 bookshelves to 40 primary schools in four counties or districts in jieyang city. by the end of 2019, liby funded the building of loving libraries in close to 100 primary schools in remote areas in guangdong province, donated 35,000 yuan in cash and bought 3,500 books and four bookshelves for each.

06poverty alleviation by supporting self-sufficient development

liby has injected continuous impetus into poverty alleviation in poor areas and successfully explored a series of poverty alleviation projects, such as love grapefruit garden, and guizhou yao style homestay hotels. lapian village, yaoshan township, libo county, qiannan prefecture, sets a good example. liby group helped this village to tapinto ethnic culture and develop tourism projects with yao customs and homestay hotels to develop tourism industry, generate sustainable income for poor villagers, and realize self-sufficient development.

07transforming impoverished villages

the event of poverty alleviation day is a major measure the guangdong provincial government implements the policy of targeted poverty reduction. since its inception, liby has been taking active part in it and contributing its efforts to poverty reduction in rural poor areas through education and employment. beginning in 2017, liby has been providing financial support to poverty alleviation efforts in three impoverished villages of longguang in lufeng city of shantou, hemei and shishiyang in puning of jieyang. it helped upgrade local infrastructure, boost industrial development, improve people’s livelihood and transformed the three villages.

08poverty alleviation song

liby funded the production of song for targeted poverty alleviation campaign -“happy together,” calling for the involvement of more enterprises and organizations in the campaign. the song was rated an outstanding work in the promotion of cultural and ideological progress in guangdong province.