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csr (corporate social responsibility) strategy

as a corporate citizen that dares to shoulder its social responsibility, liby has always put consumers first. through scientific and technological innovation, liby has achieved energy conservation, emission reduction, clean production, the use of environmentallu-friendly renewable raw materials, so as to provides consumers with more efficient, environmentally friendly, safer and healthier products, and strive for the harmonious coexistence of the enterprise and the environment.

as a leading enterprise, liby has been committed to promoting the green and sustainable development of the daily chemical products industry through its own influence. with greater ability comes greater responsibility, liby will continue to make contribution to the development of communities and society with its high sense of social responsibility and gratitude.

stakeholder engagement

liby has been placing high attention to effective communications with stakeholders. we have been keeping close attention to stakeholders' expectations and demands, and taken positive and effective measures to respond to their demands so as to create a favorable external environment for its sustainable development.

stakeholders expectations and requirements communication channel our response

the government
law-abiding management
paying taxes according to law
receiving research
active reporting
releasing report
management with integrity
paying taxes according to law
strengthening the party building in private businesses

safer, healthier and more eco-friendly products
meeting diversified product needs
quality service
consumer research
tmic innovation platform
crm platform
customer service platform
insight into consumer needs
continuous r & d innovation
good product quality control
improving service quality

profit guarantee
improving business ability
providing support and help
brand-service-provider conference   
brand-service-provider training
 liby "future business elite" training sessions
building a community of shared career, interests and future
carrying out various forms of brand-service-provider training
providing all-round care and help

open, fair and just procurement
improving business ability
providing support and help
holding supply chain strategic partner and quality conference 
sap system
supplier communication platform
establishing supplier management system
helping suppliers grow

the environment
improving energy and resource utilization efficiency
reducing emissions
inviting government leaders and the public to visit the plant
participating in the selection of  environment related awards in the industry
green management of the whole industrial chain
green raw materials
green formula
green technology
green manufacturing
green product

protecting basic rights and interests
achieving professional development
timely care and help
 suggestions platform
employee satisfaction evaluation
workers congress
kmp information platform
protecting the rights and interests of employees
helping employees grow
providing comprehensive care and help

engaging in community development
participating in community philanthropic activities
brand promotion activities
charitable donations
volunteer service
promoting brand proposition
continuing to care for left-behind children
targeted poverty alleviation and education donation