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liby group ranked among “top 500 enterprises of guangdong province” again
2013-12-06 09:24:42


recently, guangdong enterprise association and guangdong entrepreneurs association released the list and rank of top 500 enterprises of guangdong province in 2010. liby group ranked on the list again at 46th by virtue of strong strength and strong sense of social responsibility. in 2009, enterprises of guangdong, under the important instruction of wang yang, secretary of guangdong provincial party committee “seize the opportunity and work energetically again the trend”, overcame difficulties arising from financial crisis, kept innovating, sought reform, turned crisis in to opportunity, carried out scientific transformation and made great contributions to stable economic development of guangdong.

 in 2009, the financial crisis which swept the globe did not recede but became even more violent. facing such a big challenge, enterprises considered how to turn crisis into opportunity and break the siege. liby group was united as one, stayed calm and strived to advance steadily. in addition, liby sought reform and development in stability, continuously adjusted the pace of progress, to adapt to the new economic situation and actively adopted improvement measures. as a result, liby achieved a sale of 11 billion yuan in 2009 and became a benchmark growing against the trend in the financial crisis. while continuously enhancing strength and seeking development, liby group never forgets to repay the society with a grateful heart and has donated a total of more than 100 million yuan to social and public welfare undertakings. the successful breakthrough of the financial crisis greatly improved brand awareness and reputation of liby and further enhanced the ability to resist the risk.

 the selection activity effectively enabled enterprises of guangdong province to grow bigger and stronger and made positive contributions to cultivating enterprises and products with core competitiveness, proprietary intellectual property rights and famous brand and building superior enterprises of guangdong.

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