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huang junhua paid an official visit to top management of liby group and baiyun power group in guangzhou
2013-12-06 09:26:32

  on october 15, mayor huang junhua visited chen kaixuan, president of guangzhou liby group co., ltd., chen kaichen, vice-president and first vice-president of liby group, hu deliang, president of baiyun power group, hu mingsen, president of guangzhou baiyun electrical equipment co., ltd., and ceo hu mingcong. they had a deep conversation on further developing and expanding business of guilin branch of two groups.

 huang hunhua and his party investigated corporate culture and products in the head office of liby group. he said that liby group develops rapidly and has perfect product structure. particularly, profound enterprise culture and the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation gave a deep impression. he also stressed that local government could try their utmost to care and support the development of guilin brand of liby and provide comprehensive service for its expansion. he also hoped that liby group could continue to offer support to guilin liby and make it bigger and stronger.

  top management of liby group told us that now liby has more than 10 production bases across the country, among which guilin liby daily chemical co., ltd. is critical for layout in southern china. although guilin liby is a long-established enterprise, it emits vigor of “young people” and sets up an example no matter in business management or product quality. whereas guilin liby is well-known at home and abroad and the government offers a good growth environment, liby group takes it as a developing focus and will continue to intensify industrial layout in guilin, and repay and show gratitude to guilin.

 in the afternoon, huang junhua and his party also investigated baiyun power group, visited “iron foundry of hu family” with concentrated corporate culture and had a symposium with top management. huang junhua said, “the iron forging spirit” of baiyun power group was admirable and promoted the development of guilin power capacitor co., ltd. in recent years. he hoped that the group company could attach greater importance to construction and development of guilin power capacitor and accelerate layout in guilin based on strategic planning of the group so that guilin power capacitor grows faster and better with the help of baiyun power group.

  baiyun power group is an investment holding group with a history of more than 50 years which grows from an iron foundry. the group now has many holding enterprises and shareholding enterprises, among which guilin power capacitor co., ltd. is a major production base. person in charge told us that guilin power capacitor co., ltd. boomed in recent years and became a business card of the group. in future, the group will take advantage of building an international tourist attraction in guilin to intensify layout of diversified industrial products in guilin and make new contributions to economic and social development of guilin.

 qin chuncheng and his party participated in the visit.

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