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president chen kaixuan attended 2017 cantonese merchants • governor face-to-face symposium in order to offer advice to economic development of
2017-07-21 08:59:30

  in the afternoon of july 19, 2017 cantonese merchants • governor face-to-face symposium was convened in the standing committee conference room on the third floor of the office building of guangdong provincial committee of the cppcc. ma xingrui, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor of guangdong province, wang rong, chairman of the provincial committee of the cppcc, and vice-governor yuan baocheng had face-to-face communication with representatives of cantonese merchants on “optimize the business environment of the real economy”. president chen kaixuan was invited to attend the meeting as an excellent representative and made a speech.

  governor ma xingrui exchanged with representatives frequently, had a detailed understanding of development and operation conditions of enterprises and carefully listened to and recorded entrepreneur’s opinions and suggestions for optimizing the business environment of the real economy. entrepreneurs, cppcc members and representatives of chambers of commerce made an active speech.

 in the meeting, president chen kaixuan gave suggestions for promoting growth of the real economy and shoring up entrepreneurial spirit and confidence in three aspects: first, the government could offer looser policies to enterprises, assist enterprises in cost decreasing and benefit increasing, boost entrepreneurial spirit and energize the real economy. second, guangdong province could strengthen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, create conditions for market access and factors allocation, enable micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in fair competition and enhance entrepreneur’s confidence. third, the government could increase support for key projects of the real economy.

  finally, governor ma xingrui emphasized: “we should strengthen research, strive to adopt more effective measures to lower taxes and dues, transportation cost, land cost, energy cost, financing cost and system cost, rebuild advantages of the business environment, give enterprises the sense of gain and boost their confidence and determination to take root in guangdong.”

(liby group)

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