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blockbuster! liby and kispa were on the list of kantar global brands!
2017-09-07 09:11:06

 on september 6, kantar worldpanel officially released the list of 2017 global chinese brands. liby and kispa were on the list. liby was one of top 10 global brands popular with chinese consumers in 2017 and has gained the laurel for two consecutive years. kispa was a brand of home care products with the highest growth capacity.

  global brands report of this year showed that liby was chosen by 110 million families and purchased 379 million times every year with a penetration rate up to 66%. last year, kispa had 12 million new customers with a year-on-year growth rate of 59% and became the fastest growing chinese brand of the cleaning product industry.

the award objectively and truly reflected consumer’s preference for liby and kispa and was another milestone honor of the dual-brand strategy of liby group.

 kantar worldpanel global brands report, based on 43 countries and regions, 15000 brands and 200 categories, with consumer reach point as the indicator and covering 73% of the global population and more than 1 billion, monitors food, beverage, health and beauty and home care and shows the research result which truly reflected consumer’s choice of brand.

(liby group)

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