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president chen kaixuan: co-construct a community
2017-09-19 09:15:09

 on september 15, 2017 annual meeting of china association of cleaning product industry soap branch and detergent branch was called in xi’an of shaanxi. zheng wuhong, president of china association of cleaning product industry attended the meeting and chen kaixuan, president of liby group made a keynote speech titled co-construct the community of cleaning product industry as vice-president of china cleaning industry association and president of detergent branch.

  first, president chen kaixuan shared his first experience in wang yangming's philosophy this year. he thought wang yangming's philosophy a good medicine for various problems in today’s society.

  he mentioned that liby group was determined to be a moral model and a conscientious enterprise and has devoted to contribute more to the industry, the society and the country. in addition, he encouraged peers to co-construct “the community of the cleaning product industry”. “the community of the cleaning product industry” is a way and a trend rather than a slogan. “everyone of the cleaning product industry should turn our mind, wisdom, courage and action into the kernel to accelerate industrial development”. for this purpose, president chen kaixuan gave three suggestions. first, we should get united around china cleaning industry association and jointly maintain market order and environment. second, we should insist on harmony in diversity and give play to own advantages instead of acting self-serving cutthroat competition. third, we should strengthen inter-industry exchange, information communication and mutual learning, jointly expand the market, grow with the country and facilitate to realize the chinese dream.

  finally, president chen kaixuan encouraged peers with an address made by chairman xi jinping: “encountering difficulties, we should not blame ourselves and others, or lose confidence, or shirk the responsibility. instead, we should overcome the difficulties together. history is created by the brave. let us boost confidence, take actions and march arm-in-arm toward a bright future!”

  in 18 minutes, president chen kaixuan made a well-organized, strategic and thought-provoking address, which drew warm applause and displayed social responsibility and consciousness of a leading daily chemical enterprise!

(liby group)

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