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president chen kaixuan won “2017 annual responsible leader”
2017-10-16 15:54:57

  in the morning of july 28, the 9th china csr (corporate social responsibility) annual meeting titled “building a consensus of responsibility” was opened in beijing. domestic and overseas government officials, enterprise representatives, public service organizations and media concerning about csr, public charity and social innovation gathered in the meeting. president chen kaixuan attended the meeting and won the title of “2017 annual responsible leader”

  china csr (corporate social responsibility) annual meeting combed and refined typical cases, mirrored their innovativeness, effectiveness, demonstration effect and referential value, and amplified and elevated the influence of corporate responsibility action. it is reported that the annual meeting appraised and elected “annual responsible leader”, commended leaders who undertake the responsibility and persist in csr and public interest and led and motivated more leaders to get involved.

  in the annual meeting, chen kaizhi, chairman of guangdong old liberated area construction promotion commission, lv jiajin, president of postal savings bank of china, yan zhirong, president of amway greater china and chairman of amway public welfare foundation, yuan renguo, president of kweichow moutai group and president of kweichow moutai co., ltd., and chen shu, an actress, and director and dream pioneer of adream public welfare foundation, were honorably titled “2017 annual responsible leader” as well. besides, the interview video of social responsibility of president chen kaixuan was played. as the representative of “annual responsible leader”, president chen kaixuan made an acceptance speech and shared successful experience of liby group in undertaking social responsibility.

 while mentioning experience of liby group in production with cleanness, president chen kaixuan said that liby group has invested nearly 200 million in safe environmental facilities and energy-saving and emission reduction facilities of 13 production bases all over the country. keep leather shoes off powder, let nose breathe freely, make the factory compatible with surrounding residents and farmlands and provide consumers with greener, more environmental, more efficient and more energy-saving products. it is the simplest idea of liby group and the responsibility that liby should take for the environment, employees and the society. president chen kaixuan spoke passionately: “as an old chinese saying goes: frustrated, one pays attention to their own moral uplift without thought of others. in success, one tries to let others be benefited. the bigger the ability is the bigger the responsibility is. entrepreneurs are most capable of charity in the society. the more capable they are the more responsible they should be and the more contributions they should make to the society!” it is apparent that liby group performed well in social responsibility and the address made by president chen kaixuan was recognized by attendees.

  for 23 years, liby group has practiced social responsibility and now it has become a benchmark of daily chemical enterprises to undertake csr. liby won golden bee award for growth-type social enterprises issued by china wto tribune of the ministry of commerce in 2007 and “southern zhijing charity innovation award” in 2010. it was rated as “china social responsibility excellent enterprise” in 2011 and was chosen “2015 top 500 china csr enterprises” in 2015 as the only local daily chemical enterprise among top 100. president chen kaixuan gained the honor of “2017 annual responsible leader”, which highly affirmed outstanding performance of liby group in taxpaying, employment, social benefit, poverty alleviation and assisting the impoverished students and party building under the leadership of president chen kaixuan.

(liby group)

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