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blockbuster! liby group won the honorable title of national civilized unit!
2017-11-20 14:36:20

blockbuster! liby group won the honorable title of national civilized unit!! 

11on november 17, the national spiritual civilization commendation conference was grandly opened in beijing. guangzhou liby group co., ltd. (head office) won the honorable title of the 5th “national civilized unit” again.

before the conference, xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party and chairman of prc met all participants and took a group photo with representatives, which fully showed his high attention and earnest concern for socialism spiritual civilization construction. wang huning, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the central committee of the communist party of china and director of the spiritual civilization development steering commission of the central committee attended the commendation conference.

in the conference, the spiritual civilization development steering commission published the list of the 5th national civilized cities, civilized villages and towns, civilized units and the 1st national civilized campuses. guangzhou liby group co., ltd. (head office) was on the list.

rich knowledge-what is national civilized unit?

national civilized unit is the comprehensive highest honor for units which promote each other in “material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization”, attain spiritual civilization, perform well in spiritual civilization and play a demonstration role nationwide, which was rigorously examined and controlled by the party central committee spiritual civilization office, announced nationwide and granted by the spiritual civilization development steering commission。since he took office, general secretary xi jinping has cordially met the winners for two consecutive times, which fully reflected that the party central committee headed by xi jinping attached great importance to socialism spiritual civilization construction.。


high standard-true gold does not fear fire

this high-standard honor must be the priority among priorities. since 2003, national civilized cities (districts), civilized villages and towns and civilized units were appraised and elected every two years and have been appraised and elected five times. the selection activity is organized and conducted by the publicity department of the communist party of china, the central civilization office, the central military commission political work department, all china federation of trade union, the central committee of the communist young league and the all-china women's federation and goes through declaration, level-by-level recommendation, audit, consultation and announcement.


look over here-i win the laurel for some reason

standing out of nearly ten thousand applicants, liby group has gone through a long course of hard struggle. since its establishment, the group has regarded “building up the enterprise on the basis of culture” as the long-term goal and gradually explored and built “family” corporate culture system integrating “country, enterprise and family”. president chen kaixuan personally and accurately summarized “five” core values, “liby spirit” and other core contents of liby. in order to constantly enrich cultural connotation, the group, with entrepreneurship context and how to build a happy liby as the carrier, compiled and published a series of books such as liby philosophy manual, positive energy, liby good deeds and good enterprise and good culture and prepared a work guide for operation management and employee’s cultural accomplishment.

in order to practically promote cultural development, the group, except for establishing enterprise cultural construction department, built “enterprise cultural construction commission” with president as director and secretary of the party committee and vice-president as deputy director. moreover, the group built “cultural angel” in each department and regularly organized and conducted enterprise culture activities so as to realize level-by-level requirement, implementation and assessment.

the party committee plays a critical role in enterprise culture construction. since it was established in 2005, the party committee has complied with “five combinations”, actively integrated party building work into corporate culture and become a director and pusher of cultural construction. over the years, the party committee has constantly expanded the scale, established eight organizations and become a non-public enterprise with the best party committee in china. furthermore, the party committee has adhered to ideal and belief education, constantly innovated carrier, carried out “3d party building” with “vigor, efficiency and happiness” as the main content in the way of network media, network broadcast and online and offline interaction according to employee’s practical situation and characteristics of youth and irregularly organized and conducted mass spiritual civilization activities and theme educational activities, which effectively gathered party members and employees and fully aroused employee’s initiative at enterprise and socialist construction. to cultivate and practice socialist core values, “demonstration site practicing socialist core values” of guangdong province was built in panyu production base in 2016, which integrated chinese excellent traditional culture and advanced socialist culture into landscape combined socialist core values with liby’s enterprise culture, led enterprise construction and development using the power of model and built chinese spirit, chinese value and chinese power. in 2017, the group spent heavily on building guangzhou non-public party building work exhibition hall in the head office in order to build a brand of non-public party building of guangzhou city. the exhibition hall played an important role in party building publicity and education of guangzhou city and guangdong province, opened up an important window for non-public party building of guangzhou city and pushed non-public party build of guangzhou city to a new level.

distance tests a horse's stamina. people of worth show their morality during hardships. the group’s perseverance and effort over ten years have been highly recognized by superiors and all sectors of society. national-level media such as people's daily, guangming daily, cctv,, xinhua news agency and made special coverage of party building and cultural construction of the group more than once. the group was identified by the organization department of the central committee as one of top 10 non-public party building models and popularized nationwide and became an advanced model which played a demonstrative role nationwide.



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