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worthy of the splendor of spring! liby li le jia white cloud mountain parent-child green public welfare activity lifted the curtain
2018-03-27 09:53:32

 the grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air in early spring. “cantonese environmental protection• cantonese fashion• keeping running 2018” li le jia white cloud mountain parent-child green public welfare activity lifted the curtain in white cloud mountain scenic spot. being a communication bridge between liby group and consumer, li le jia held the activity jointly with liby, kispa, ho ho baby, baby health, weking, xilan and guangdong provincial environmental protection department propaganda and education center and 3uol.


 in accordance with green and environmental protection and parent-child companion, it was the largest green and environmental public welfare activity of guangzhou city in recent years with the aim of publicizing environment protection education and companion for children, raising participant’s environmental awareness and promoting family harmony.


 in the activity, more than 8000 families registered online and offline and more than 600 families were screened out. more than 2000 participants went through difficult passes and competed for various awards. in support of li le jia parent-child run environmental public welfare activity, liby, kispa, ho ho baby, weking, baby health and xilan fully got involved and passed the concept of going green, health, environmental protection and parent-child companion while providing diversified resources.


 before the run, teams in fancy dresses were ready to start all over the venue. families were divided into groups in the name of liby, kispa, liu bi zhi ho ho baby, weking, baby health and xilan. more than 30 families, including kindergarten team, star team and liby team, performed in different ways, which manifested not only the theme of green and environmental protection and parent-child activity but also the resolution of never giving up until the goal is reached.  


teams were ready to start


families performed in different ways

 with active participation of gests and media, leaders made passionate speeches and expressed best regards to the activity and participants, which gave a much-needed boost to a complete success of the activity.

uan zheng, secretary of the party committee of guangdong provincial environmental protection foundation, made a speech


yang bin, general manager of the brand and marketing department of liby, made a speech

yang bin, general manager of the brand and marketing department of liby, said that since “green and healthy strategy” was officially released in 2016, liby group has built green factories and guided green consumption in the aspect of green material, green formula, green technology, green manufacturing and green product. this year, liby further put forward “plant power, green and healthy”, which gave a deep explanation of green natural materials of products and a green and healthy concept of brand. the parent-child green public welfare activity fit liby’s green and healthy life concept well.


zeng mingtao, executive director of 3uol, made a speech

  while reading open letters, olympic champions sun shuwei and zhang jiewen and zhong yiming from the municipal no. 1 kindergarten recited a letter on environmental protection. everyone was moved by immature and sincere words and could not help laughing. letters were thrown into the mailbox and passed warm expectations and dreams.


  after excellent performance, families entered 5 kilometers’ color run. for inexperienced families, it was a big challenge for their physical body and brain, but they were still active in different stops and went through seven passes (liby, kispa, weking, baby health, liu bi zhi ho ho baby and xilan) by strong determination and will. parents and children acted in close coordination in environmental protection knowledge contest.

children challenged environmental protection subject

children could experience weking cleaning products at weking stop

at the fifth stop, ms. yang guohui and mr. yang bin from liby group planted “li le tree” together with leaders, guests, olympic champions and family representatives. they wielded the hoe to green the land and pray for environmental protection. being the first parent-child color run activity for children aged 3-6 of guangzhou city, the activity not only endowed mini marathon of guangdong province with unprecedented historical significance, but also attracted all sectors of society.


olympic champions sun shuwei (1st on the left) and zhang jiewen (6th on the left)

mr. yang bin (3rd on the left) and ms. yang guohui (5th on the left) of liby group

  in line with the athletic sportsmanship, li le jia invited olympic champions sun shuwei and zhang jiewen to boost the morale of li le jia parent-child run activity. olympic champions went through passes together with families. not only competitors and audiences got a glimpse of their elegant demeanor, but the lucky got gifts with their signature. in addition, chen meishan, a super internet celebrity, cheered for the parent-child color run on the spot. call 

 a group photo of olympic champions and competitors


  the activity was strongly supported by liby and a volunteer team was built and joined the activity to convey the concept of going green, environmental protection and health among families!


 finally, families which have successfully gone through seven passes gathered on the mountaintop and joined the award ceremony. they got huge prizes, learnt more environmental protection knowledge and promoted the relationship between parents and children so that children can grow healthily.


 li le jia white cloud mountain parent-child green public welfare activity of liby group narrowed the distance between parents and children and made man and nature closer and more harmonious. we believe that with common efforts of liby group and the public guangdong province will make greater achievements in environmental protection and make the sky bluer and waters clearer!


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