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“ten thousand parent-child handwork festival” was inaugurated, li le jia held a green umbrella of environmental protection together with many brands
2018-11-17 13:55:54

on november 17, the platform li le jia of liby group launched “ten thousand parent-child handcraft festival” in guangzhou hesheng square together with liby, kispa, ho ho baby, healthy baby, weking and hera baby, so as to provide a recycle method for garbage and make contributions to environmental protection. various creative green products and shows attracted many fans quickly. guests and several families spent a meaningful weekend together, passing the concept of a green, healthy and environment-friendly life and being an activist to protect the earth.



ms. ren wenjian from the consumer interaction and insight department of liby group, ms. gao guangying, co-founder and vice president of mumsnet, ms. yang xiuqing, deputy secretary general of guangdong maternal and baby products association, and responsible persons of many educational institutions attended the opening ceremony and inaugurated the activity together with hundreds of families.


““li le jia ten thousand parent-child handwork festival” practiced the concept of nationally concerned environmental protection into daily life and behavior. li le jia thinks that environmental protection should start from little things and a green home can be built by consumers. in the matter of “environmental protection”, li le jia will promote and practice the concept of building green parent-children families together with mumsnet, which is a parent-child platform with more than 100 million users.

after opening dance and the opening ceremony, children had a model show in self-made costumes. they sought design inspiration from the concept of environmental protection, made use of discarded things and “worn” environmental protection achievements……they became an environmental activist and laid a solid foundation for environmental protection with light rhythm.





consumers had a better understanding of products in the experience area. after the use of fruit vinegar detergent, called “liquid dish-washing machine”, greasy dirt floated in water unexpectedly. clothes stained with capsicol were cleaned using liby liquid soap in a two-ear bottle. non-heat washing powder containing palm oil is free of harm to clothes and skin. all products are amazing!  

as a way of “zero waste living”, “handwork” activity of parent-child family is the strongest “productivity” of environmental protection. various imaginary and creative handicrafts are also displayed in the activity.

these handicrafts are made of household refuses which can be seen everywhere. even if such household refuses are homeless and inconspicuous, they are recreated by parent-child families and gain a new life.



*li le jia handwork area


every child can be a designer of future environment and every abandoned article will no longer be homeless garbage. liby group will offer safer, more environmental, greener and healthier products and a healthier life to consumers through scientific research and innovation.



li le jia, a membership platform subordinate to liby group, will continue to voice support for environmental protection by virtue of powerful brand appeal and pass the concept of building a green and healthy life nationwide in order to popularize green and healthy products among thousands of households and make contributions to environmental protection.



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