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liby group attended 2019 china brand day and green products showed the charm of the famous brands
2019-05-16 11:54:48

from may 10 to 12, 2019, co-sponsored by the national development and reform commission, the publicity department of the communist party of china, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, the ministry of commerce, the state administration for market regulation, the state intellectual property office and shanghai municipal people's government, a series of activities of the 3rd china brand day were carried out in shanghai exhibition center.主办。liby group, as a leading enterprise of the chinese cleaning product industry, was invited to attend the event, and liby, kispa and bluesky liu bi zhi subordinate to the group showed the great charm of chinese brands.the participation in the activities just coincided with liby’s good vision of “world famous brand, century-old liby”.

on may 10, china brand development international forum was inaugurated. lin nianxiu, deputy director of the national development and reform commission took the chair and leaders such as liu qiang, member of the political bureau of the central committee of the cpc and secretary of shanghai municipal party committee, and wang yong, state councilor, and meng yang, deputy secretary general of the state council, attended and delivered keynote speeches. in the forum, an important instruction given by li keqiang, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the central committee and premier of the state council, was announced, :“strengthening brand building and promoting the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry is an important measure to follow consumption upgrading, release great potential of the domestic market and promote high-quality development.”

lin nianxiu, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, and his party visited the booth of liby group and gave guidance.

 in the activities, lin nianxiu, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, and his party visited the booth of liby and kispa and gave guidance. wang minyan, president of china cleaning industry association, introduced development history and performance of liby group to liu nianxiu and this party.

liby has created a green and healthy life for consumers with high-quality cleaning products ,generates a sale that leads the industry in the country for 10 consecutive years,“liby group is an enterprise of the cleaning product industry which is approved with the first key laboratories of chinese light industry - key laboratory of green cleaning products of chinese light industry”,has obtained36patents for invention relating to green and environmental april 232019liby had obtained197patents for invention,including98 authorized patents for invention.patents for invention applied by liby are more than a total (154) of those applied by top 2-5peers in china.

wang minyan, president of china cleaning industry association, took a photo at the booth of liby

consumers learnt about products at the booth of liby

consumers crowded at the booth of kispa

liu bi zhi tooth powder received a lot of attention from consumers

2theme of a series of activities of 2019 china brand day:hinese brand shared by the world;accelerating brand building and ushering in high-quality development; gathering chinese quality products and experiencing the charmful chinese brands. liby group attaches importance to innovation, spends 3.5% of annual sales on scientific r&d, adopts the healthiest green formula through innovation of raw material, technology and manufacture, so as to offer more healthy and quality products to consumers.

in china brand day, liby displayed international carbon-value award of world economic and environmental conference,which is the highest award of going green initiated by the united nations, organized and guided by professional international organizations and issued by world economic and environmental conference.

in “china brand day”, liby group not only displayed new products of liby, kispa and bluesky liu bi zhi, but also built all-around experience scenarios in many aspects and conducted consumer interaction experiments which can display cleaning effect of liby and kispa products more intuitively and professionally.

besides, liby displayed natural liquid soap,designed with a unique bottle, it won japanese good design award, known as oscar of design in eastern countries, and embraces both good looking and high qualityspan style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box !important; word-wrap: break-word !important;">,不 different form ordinary laundry detergents, liby liquid soap extracts natural clean ingredients,rom plants, and provides strong detergency free of harm to hands.

experimenter displayed interactive experiments on efficient detergency to consumers

liby also displayed a new product - fruit vinegar detergent, which caught consumer’s attention through on-site “automatic degreasing” experiment. liby fruit vinegar detergent contains omegranate essence and fruit vinegar,and adopts national innovative patented technology to improve degreasing ability and quickly remove stubborn greasy dirt of tableware. it can be used to clean vegetables and fruits and effectively remove pesticide residues and fruit wax. 。

experimenter displays how to remove greasy dirt using liby fruit vinegar detergent

engineer of kispa r&d center presented the washing process on the site in order that consumers could witness the cleaning effect of zhijing product intuitively and reveal the secrets of kispa zhijing concentrated skin-friendly detergent for washing machine/span>though concentrated, it is the essence of functions,not only can it remove pm2.5 and other particles, but it ensures a remarkable acarid removal effect and a bacterial eliminating rate up to 99.9% and can effectively protect the safety and health of families.

kispa product interaction experiment

consumers can experience the quality of natural, mild, healthy and excellent products ,of liby and kispa through the aforesaid experiments. li le jia, a membership platform subordinate to liby group, shared sample sacks of liby and kispa products in order to attract consumers to become a member and enable them to experience new products of liby and kispa.

dtv made an exclusive interview with liby group and qiu zhenming, senior engineer of innovation and r&d center of liby group said: “liby group has strong scientific research capacity and the main purpose of participating in the activities is to bring the best,greenest and healthiest products to every family and every chinese consumer and introduce liby to the world.”

since the establishment liby group, with green and healthy product as the r&d standard, innovative products has includedwashing powder with no irritation to hands, liby liquid soap with natural ingredients extracted from plants, andetergent available to wash vegetable and fruits directly which reflects not only the response of the group to consumer needs but also the efforts and responsibility for environmental protection by a leading enterprise of the daily chemical industry.

in the activities of “5.10 china brand day” co-hosted by the xinhua news agency, china brand building promotion association and the press center of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council, liby was the only laundry detergent brand to be voted as one of the “people’s favourite chinese brand in 2019” by chinese consumers among over 800 participating brandsthe only cleaning product brand in the ranking list in “giving a like to my favorite chinese brands in 2019” activity and was well-received among consumers, which just showed strong brand influence and product recognitionpower and product power of liby group.

in future, liby group will meet the cleaning needs and applications of ‘family’ with the combination of multiple brands and varieties, satisfy various consumer demands such as hand washing, machine washing, and smart washing, and fulfill the mission of health and happiness for every family, in accordance with the core development idea of “going green and environmental protection”, with green consumption ecology strategy as the sign of dominant strategy upgrading, with consumer scenarios as the center.


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