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start a new undertaking! liby 2019 dealers meeting announced all-around upgrade of brand strategy
2019-05-31 14:28:07

on may 29, 2019 liby brand strategy upgrade dealers meeting titled “new strategy, great opportunity, create the future together” was successfully held in guangzhou.

the meeting released new brand strategies of liby, announced core strategy fit of 2019 and invested hundreds of millions yuan in comprehensively promoting the implementation of such strategies.

having created brilliant achievements, liby stays true to the mission, starts a new undertaking, realizes comprehensive terminal upgrade, product upgrade and communication upgrade based on customer and constantly enhances brand influence. meanwhile, liby actively embraces 3.0 digital marketing, offers stronger support to dealers and relays a solid foundation for future development.

2500 people, including chairman of liby group chen kaixuan, vice-chairman chen kaichen, president chen zebin, vice president chen zhanxiong, directors and chief officers of the group, consultants from junzhi consulting and dealers and retailers from all over the country, witnessed launch of strategy upgrading.

initiated brand upgrade and comprehensively energized dealers

presently, china has become the second daily chemical product consumer market next only to america. data of zhiyan consulting displayed that retail sales of daily chemical products were predicted to reach up to 423 billion yuan in 2019. with rapid market development, chinese brands rose sharply and their market shares have surpassed some foreign-owned enterprises. through years of development, liby generated a sale leading the industry for consecutive ten years and was used by 7 out of 10 households. however, president chen zebin thought the chinese cleaning industry was facing “a thousand-year revolution”: in the internet era, the industry was confronted with cross-border competition and traditional competition mode was completely overturned. sharp rise of emerging brands posed much pressure of competition on the market. global competition grew increasingly aggravate and transnational giants borne down menacingly with great brand and technological superiorities. domestic brands were caught in a price war. domestic brands urgently needed to win initial success and lead the growing trend of the industry.

(president of liby group chen zebin)

facing a new market situation, liby initiated brand upgrade in the form of “starting a new undertaking” and “took three measures” to enhance brand reputation and market competitiveness with customer as the center. first, open up a brand-oriented and brand-upgraded new model and set up brand confidence; second, positively embrace the digital age, upgrade 3.0 digital marketing and carry out whole-chain full-dimensional digital analysis and decision-making model; third, strengthen brand-oriented terminal execution and build brand upgrade terminal.

through brand-oriented marketing and terminal upgrade, liby will have a deep insight into consumer needs, build brand-oriented marketing model, energize dealers and relay a solid foundation for future development.

“creating a win-win situation, becoming stronger based on service and judging others’ feelings by its own have been three keys of success since the founding of liby”, chen zebin said, at the beginning of the establishment, liby focused on assisting and building the foundation of terminal market and depth distribution and helping dealers become bigger and stronger. in the course of “starting a new undertaking”, liby offered stronger support to dealers, created a better future and built a century-old liby.

focused on clothes cleaning and care and persisted in brand orientation

presently, the cleaning industry gradually focuses on clothes cleaning and care effect and the combination of cleaning and care becomes a new growing trend of the industry. as a leading brand, liby shoulders the heavy burden to continuously upgrade the entire industry from “cleaning” to “cleaning and care”.

for this purpose, liby announced brand new strategic direction of competition in the trade fair, further deeply ploughing and arranging the cleaning and care market and ushering in a new direction of combining cleaning and care.

partner of junzhi consulting xie hongda thought with the approach of the customer era, the clothes cleaning and care industry became increasingly competitive and brands were caught in a price war. meanwhile, customers were particular about brands. to stand out from fierce competition, liby needed differentiation advantages combined with trend of time and successful experience. since its establishment, liby has seized the industry trend, expanding channels together with dealers, carrying out clothing cleaning and care concept and concentrating on brand communication. as a result, it rose sharply and retained the leading position of the industry for years.

(partner of junzhi consulting xie hongda)

confronted with current competition pattern, liby should, based on the leading position, pass on its superiorities to consumers, equate to clothes cleaning and care requirements and solve difficulties in choosing cleaning products through product, brand and channel upgrade. finally, it became the top choice of clothes cleaning and care products.

to assist dealers in brand building, vice president of liby group chen zhanxiong paid a field visit to 150 stores in 8 provinces, helped dealers solve the problems of transregional sales, price loss and lagged sales of stock and put forward a series of feasible solutions. especially for destocking and sales promotion that dealers cared most, he proposed to vigorously carry out the work around consumer and brand, help dealers lower the cost and increase the benefit and preempt marketing highland and consumer mentality through building 3.0 marketing platform and 3.0 standard store and inputting mass advertisement resources in order to realize profit maximization of dealers.

for future and development, chen zhanxiong said liby was not doing business but starting an undertaking. the brand upgrade will earn industry respect and consumer trust for liby and build century-old liby and century-old customers.

(vice president of the group chen zhanxiong)

under the support of strategic guidance and practice, chief brand officer wu chen pointed out that the chinese cleaning industry has entered a new consumption era and consumers pursuing the quality of life were willing to pay more for more products. for this reason, liby will initiate brand upgrade, focus on the cognition of leading cleaning and care brands and attract more attention of mainstream consumer groups. then, launch the new generation cleaning products, usher in a new trend and direction of the industry and upgrade product image design. finally, effectively enhance brand power and realize product and sale combination by high-frequency, full-coverage and high-reputation advertising.

(chief brand officer of the group wu chen)

wu chen declared that liby will dedicate to realizing “trinity” upgrading and transformation of brand, product and communication, get close to consumers, win their trust, enhance consumer cognition and elevate purchase rate.

liby has taken major actions around the new strategic direction. general manager of the sales head office of the group yang bin displayed image and product upgrade situation and performance growth of stores across the country, which accelerated the establishment of liby 3.0 standard store.

(general manager of the sales head office of the group yang bin)

chief sales officer of the group li shubin introduced to dealers how to seize marketing highland, build 3.0 marketing platform and carry out technological upgrade from retail terminal by digital means, which greatly improved work efficiency.

(chief sales officer of the group li shubin)

in the meantime, chief marketing planner of the group liang weiqiang came up with persisting in product and sale combination and enhancing premium and high growth of products as well as gross margin and profit of dealers so that dealers and liby win brand upgrade and new undertaking.

(chief marketing planner of the group liang weiqiang)

started a new undertaking and ushered in the next glorious 25 years

in the meeting, chairman of liby group chen kaixuan made a speech to front ends and dealers, stressing that: “liby ‘stared a new undertaking’ in 2019. it will be a year of continuous innovation, input increase, strategy, layout, comprehensive upgrade, brand marketing and sales and a new era of great development and opportunity for comprehensive upgrade of liby.”

to grasp development opportunities of the times, in a complex and changeable economic situation at home and abroad, liby still dared to increase input, introduce world-class consulting company for strategy upgrade, brand upgrade, product upgrade and platform upgrade, lead dealers, retailers and other partners to march towards a new retail era using 3.0 marketing platform and to guide industry transformation and upgrading.

(chairman of liby group chen kaixuan)

for future strategic development direction, chen kaixuan mentioned: “we should stay true to the mission, effectively implement brand competitive strategy projects according to 3.0 marketing requirements and requirements for product and sale combination and brand upgrade, quickly build new competitive strategy brand terminal image stores and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development of market ‘uniform five new and best three terminals’!”

dealer zhang yaping from enshi of hubei said excitedly: “today i see liby’s determination of brand promotion and concrete measures. i feel very excited for new advertising, new image and new product. i really feel changes of liby. it intends to catch consumer’s heart and then brand power will be highlighted. next, we will occupy the market, lay market basis and promote sales together!”

“today i see brand upgrade, terminal upgrade and product upgrade of liby and another brilliant 25 years as well.” ren xiaojun from tongchuan of shaanxi thought, “as long as liby adheres to brand building, we are confident in following it and building a world-class brand!”

chen daxin from yichang of hubei signed: “my business grew rapidly in these years. with brand strategy upgrade of liby, we should take advantage of the opportunity to give full play to its superiorities. let’s walk to the ocean of stars, embrace each other and make achievements together! i have confidence in following liby and doubling sales within 5 years through building a team!”

in future, liby will continuously accelerate brand upgrade, offer stronger support to dealers by virtue of industry leading products, services and technologies, constantly enhance brand power and product power, realize product and sale combination, win customer trust, satisfy more consumer needs for clothes cleaning and care and lead innovation and revolution of the industry.

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