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president chen zebin was invited to attend 2019 qianjia brand strategy conference
2019-08-02 11:30:37

on july 26, “smal rake. big world” qianjia brand strategy conference was grandly held in guangzhou shangri-la hotel, with president of liby group chen zebin, chief strategy officer of liby group zhou xiaowen, chief brand officer of liby group wu chen and chairman of liyi technological innovation investment co., ltd surbodinate to liby group chen danna participating.

site of qianjia brand strategy conference

as the first demonstrative incubation enterprise of liby group incubation center, shengmei is of great significance for all-categories development and cultivation strategy of liby group. presently, shengmei has two brands qingyi and qianjia and qianjia specializes in exquisite scalp care using plant micro technology.   

the brand founder of qianjia fan daojing made an opening speech and summarized why qianjia products were successfully launched: except technical patent and cooperation with international exports, it was very important that liby group offered strong support for the development of qianjia. backed by abundant industry resources of liby group, qianjia built a complete set of scientific system for scalp diagnostic methods, scalp care standards and customized solutions for scalp problems combined domestic and overseas advanced technologies and opened up a brand new era of scalp care.

brand founder of qianjia fan daojing made an address

doctor lu guiqian from the r&d center of liby group disclosed technical know-how of products to guests. she said, the sino-us r&d team of qianjia used original “scalp micro-ecology balance” patented technology to condition the scalp micro-ecological environment, rebuild water-oil balance, bacterial balance and metabolic balance of scalp and recover repair capacity and resistance of scalp in order to solve consumer’s scalp problems fundamentally.

doctor lu guiqian from the r&d center of liby group made an address

after that, president of liby group chen zebin and brand founder of qianjia fan daojing launched the opening ceremony of qianjia brand strategy conference, which symbolized a new journey of qianjia.

opening ceremony of qianjia brand strategy conference

since shengmei entered the incubation board of liby group and became a member of it in 2018, qingyi and qianjia have grown stronger in the hair cleaning and care field and made remarkable achievements in the first half of 2019, which cannot be separated from liby group’s support and escort in distribution and industry resource. presently, steady growth of shengmei proved that “1 2” strategy of liby group made an initial success in exploring “ ”(incubation). in future, liby group will build an advanced incubation platform covering strategic investment and cloud incubator, constantly try new businesses and new brands, excavate new engines of growth and offer strong energy and guarantee to incubated enterprises.

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