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liby group was invited to attend national “quality month” activity and symposium on pushing forward quality enhancement action
2019-09-19 10:30:33
in the forenoon of september 12, 2019 “quality month” activity and symposium on pushing forward quality enhancement action was held in beijing with more than 100 participants, including state councilor wang yong, director general of the state administration for market regulation xiao yaqing, relevant leaders of 14 ministries and commissions such as the organization department of the central committee of the cpc and the publicity department the cpc, vice-governor of the guangdong provincial government chen liangxian, director general of the market supervision bureau of municipalities and provinces such as beijing, tianjin and hebei. liby group was invited as a leading enterprise of national quality enhancement work and vice president yang zuoyi attended the symposium on behalf of liby group. in the symposium, state councilor wang yong made an important address, stressing: we should resolutely implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping’s important instruction to strengthen quality control, comprehensively implement guiding ideas about taking quality enhancement action of the party central committee and the state council, energetically implement the strategy of building a strong country based on quality, deeply carry out quality enhancement activities, constantly elevate quality and efficiency of supply system and offer strong support for promoting high-quality economic development. wang yong pointed out that we should motivate enterprises to pursue high-quality endogenous power in an economic, legal or administrative way, persist in innovative supervision mode, strengthen quality and safety supervision, resolutely contain major and critical quality and safety accidents, constantly intensify brand building, extensively carry out propaganda and mobilization, promote co-governance of quality and society and build a good atmosphere for the whole society to value and promote quality control. vice president yang zuoyi exchanged quality management experience of liby group. liby group has highly valued quality development, persisted in implementing the state’s requirements for quality enhancement, taken quality management as the top priority of enterprise operation and management, constantly promoted quality innovation, insisted on high-quality development, continuously carried out “three products strategy” and persisted in the brand-oriented path integrating economy, quality and green development. through 25 years of rapid development, liby group has become a leading enterprise of the daily chemical industry. in 2018, liby group was honorably nominated the 3rd “china quality award”, which was a high affirmation and the highest praise of the state for quality control of liby group. liby group was honorably nominated the 3rd “china quality award” in future, liby group, under the guidance of “1 2 strategy”, will continuously deepen quality enhancement, resolutely implement the spirit of general secretary xi’s series of important addresses, continuously promote to enhance quality level of the daily chemical industry and actively contribute to building a quality country based on quality.
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