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good news! liby group won chinese patent award of excellence again
2019-10-22 10:19:50

on october 12, the state intellectual property office announced “review results of the 21st chinese patent award” in the official website and patent for invention “a detergent for fruits and vegetables that can remove fruit wax and pesticide residue and its preparation methods” of guangzhou liby group co., ltd. won “chinese patent award of excellence” of the 21st chinese patent award. liby group won chinese patent award of excellence for the first time in 2017 and won it again this year, which fully demonstrated the state’s recognition of liby group’s technological innovation and intellectual property protection.

“chinese patent award” is the highest award for patents for invention to encourage commend patentees and inventors (designers) who make great contributions to technological (design) and economic and social development, which is recognized by the united nations world intellectual property organization (wipo) and has great international influence. evaluation criteria for chinese patent award not only stresses patent technological level and innovation level of projects, but also values application in marketization and raises very high requirements for protection and management.  

since its establishment, liby group has been engaged in scientific research innovation, fastened on consumer needs and developed high-quality products using core proprietary technologies.





liby group released “lead green health” strategic and took the lead in upgrading cleanser essence products from green to edible in the daily chemical industry to satisfy the daily need for cleaning not only tableware but also fruits and vegetables. cleanser essence products were free from flourescent brightener, enzyme-containing, mild and easy to rinse. washing powder with no irritation to hands adopted innovative green healthy formula and featured no irritation to hands, strong cleansing power, quick dissolution and easy to rinse.




the technical r&d team of liby group successfully tackled a series of industry technical difficulties in application of green surfactant mes and popularized it among all washing powder products of the group, which not only promote green and healthy development of the detergent industry, but also created new market opportunities for upstream green surfactant suppliers.




liby group actively promoted concentration of detergent, launched liby “xinxinzhu” detergent gel, liby concentrated liquid soap, kispa concentrated detergent lotion and other hyper concentrated products and passed the certification of “concentrated ” mark of china cleaning industry association.


from the point of intellectual property, liby group has had a total 456 patents which are “under examined” or “valid”, including 188 invention applications, 104 patents for invention, 42 patents for utility models and 122 design patents, with a total of valid patents, patents for invention and patents for utility models topping in the industry (data source: official website of the state intellectual property office). the group has been titled “guangzhou patent implementation effect award”, “guangdong intellectual property demonstration enterprises”, “guangzhou intellectual property excellent project enterprises” and “intellectual property superiority enterprises” for several years.


as a leading enterprise of the chinese daily chemical industry, liby group has insisted on consumer-oriented scientific research innovation and provided consumers with greener and healthier high-quality products. we believe that we should engage in scientific research innovation, strengthen technical r&d strength and develop high-quality products to continuously drive the development of the group and lead the industry to a new high.

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