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liby group honorably won the title “enterprise cultural construction model enterprises”
2019-11-01 17:14:19

recently, 2019 china enterprise cultural construction (changsha) summit was grandly held in changsha of hunan. leaders such as former vice-chairman of hunan provincial political consultative conference tan zhongchi, vice-chairman of hunan provincial association of industry and commerce wu shuguang, secretary and executive vice-chairman of hunan social science circles federation song zhifu, vice-chairman of changsha municipal political consultative conference and chairman of municipal association of industry and commerce peng jiqiu and deputy secretary-general of changsha municipal people's government wang tize attended the opening ceremony and more than 600 business representatives, experts and scholars of enterprise culture research field and responsible persons of enterprise culture research institutions from different provinces and cities were present at the summit.

liby group honorably won the title “enterprise cultural construction model enterprises” as the unique non-public enterprise of guangzhou city receiving this honor.


during the summit, secretary of the party committee of liby group xu xiaodong made wonderful experience sharing of top-level design, method and path of enterprise cultural construction combined with practical development situation with the title “party building leads cultural integration and facilitates enterprise development”, which was highly praised by field business representatives.

it is learnt that the summit, centered on the title “stay true to the mission, keep the mission in mind-responsibility for chinese enterprise cultural construction in the new era” and by forms of keynote speech, high-end forum, enterprise experience sharing, theme dialogue and empathic learning, deeply discussed responsibility for enterprise cultural construction in china’s new era, summarized and shared new experience in enterprise cultural innovation, analyzed hotspots and difficulties of enterprise cultural construction, guided enterprises to strengthen enterprise cultural construction, stimulated enterprise innovation activity, prompted to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises and achieved high-quality development.


originated from wechat official account of “liby party building”

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