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november 11, we made it!
2019-11-13 17:36:29

!!!good news!!!


good news of liby group on november 11

a single brand of liby group achieved tmall sales above 100 million yuan

turnover of liby flagship store in 58min

exceeded total amount of a day in last year



total sales of liby brands were 216 million yuan

make a pledge

“make all-out sprint to win the battle,

never give up until we reach the goal” 

save up strength for november 11

oath-taking rally in the middle of september

military counselors participated in

the oath-taking rally of supply guarantee

make all efforts for november 11

liwang crazy zoo in october


accelerate november 11

grab pit and make live show,

famous hosts helped with integrated marketing

the entire network made a warm-up of november 11

on november 8, tens of thousands of people call


organize families to call for liwang

continuously forward, collect likes and cheer 

sprint night on november 10


100 liwang families kept watch at night

cheered and sprinted for november 11 of liwang

november 10

liwang sprint night


a great war was on the verge

outcome of liwang families’ efforts in the past few months

will be seen in 24h

everyone expected for this moment


at 23:00

liwang sprint night was opened  

liwang families worn red rope on the head

felt confident

worn win in the face


dance: maori dance


 to encourage of liwang families

bosses of liby group rehearsed a maori dance

implied that the combat troops of liwang had confidence in victory and went ahead bravely!  


dance of bosses of the group

lighted the passion of families on the site 

they clamped the hands formidably!

#liby group achieved good sales on november 11#

delicious food: global delicious food 


we know employees made great efforts in the past few months very well

but a big war was coming soon, we felt very nervous

bosses meticulously prepared delicious food

to replenish energy of families who fought bravely

highlight: various services provided by bosses




gave a massage, mixed drunks and cooked roti prata personally  

so that families adjusted their moods and relaxed themselves 


i felt a little excited because bosses gave me a massage

bosses mixed very mellow drinks

the president had good cooking skills

at 00:00

liwang made an all-out sprint

“countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”




made a live against time

viewed orders and reached the peak of sales

encouraged everyone to buy

customer service staffs in various places

are always online

telephones and keyboards kept ringing

answered questions of customers


the backstage

constantly updated data

confirmed orders and checked inventories

ensured accuracy of orders


and those who fought during double eleventh for liby group in various places


by 00:58 on november 11

sales of liby flagship store exceeded sales of november 11 last year

bosses proposed a toast

expressed tanks to families for their efforts

by 00:00 on november 11

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