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lilejia of liby group and mumsnet made carried out a love and public welfare mountain trip
2019-11-20 17:07:54

healthy growth of leftover children has been a focus of social concern. to improve the life of leftover children, lilejia, a member platform subordinate to liby group, and mumsnet held “lehuo talent growth camp, love and public welfare mountain trip” activity on november 12 to care for leftover children by practical action.

walk into mountainous areas and care for leftover children

on november 12, “lehuo talent growth camp, love and public welfare mountain trip” activity held by lilejia of liby group jointly with mumsnet, guangdong association of social work and six brands such as liby, kispa, baby element, xilan, hera baby and baby health walked into huxi primary school and dahu xiejie primary school of lixi town, yingde city, qingyuan, offering office supplies, school supplies, cleaning products and other materials valued more than 70,000 yuan to leftover schools and children in mountainous areas and carrying out environmental protection class and dance class together with local social worker organization and voluntary service team of liby group, in order to give warm and care to leftover children.

donation ceremony of huxi primary school

donation ceremony of dahu xiejin primary school

lilejia of liby group also carried out funny and interesting interactive activity-“environmental new fashion, funny games activity” for leftover children and brought the concept of green and environmental protection to campus through such games as “green plants linkgame” and “take rubbish home”. meanwhile, lilejia and yingde liangshi social service center carried out craftwork and environmental protection classes for huxi primary school and dahu primary school and advocated leftover children to enhance environmental awareness and become a bodyguard of environmental protection.

award presentation of environmental protection fun sports meeting

director of education and public welfare commission of guangdong association of social work zhou yongqing was invited to participate in psychological care class for leftover children and solved their conclusion about life, mentality and study. the voluntary service team of liby group carried out dance and cleaning classes for leftover children, which not only expanded their environmental awareness, but also gave them a happy time.

liby cleaning small class

stick in public welfare and bring health and happiness to every family

liby group, as a leading enterprise of the domestic daily chemical industry, has always persisted in public welfare action, cared for people’s livelihood, assisted education, helped orphans and the poor, repaid the society with high sense of social responsibility and grateful heart and made charitable donation of more than 200 million yuan while promoting green and healthy development of the chinese cleaning industry.

liby group spared no effort and took action to concern about healthy growth of leftover children. in 2012, liby group established the first voluntary service team caring for leftover children of guangzhou city and sent warm to leftover children schools in remote areas of guangxi, sichuan, guizhou and guangzhou through caring student trip, library donation, liby cleaning class and one step one love. since july, 2019, 5 public welfare and charity sale activities have been carried out in communities of guangzhou city in “lehuo talent growth camp, community public welfare trip” activity with nearly a thousand parent-child families and more than 8000 community families participating, inviting personages of all circles to make donation to charity and join public welfare activities, respond to the state’s call for “green and environmental protection” and facilitating leftover children to grow better and stronger.

responsible person of lilejia of liby group said: “liby group has persisted in green strategy and provided consumers and millions upon millions of families with service in line with green and healthy core concept. meanwhile, liby group considers public welfare should offer not only material help but also spiritual concern and consolation.” this activity cared for leftover children through donation and theme class and popularized liby group and the concept of green and environmental protection.

ms. ren wenjian of lilejia liby group made an address

this activity was highly recognized by secretary-general of guangdong association of social work peng junxia. she hoped that more good-hearted people could be concerned about public welfare, carry forward love and gather more social forces to help healthy growth of leftover children within their power.

secretary-general of guangdong association of social work peng junxia made an address

the developing liby group always bears corporate social responsibility in mind and facilitates with public welfare establishments while bringing quality, green and environmental products to the masses. in future, liby group will continue focusing on public welfare establishments, help more children in need and contribute to the society.

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