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good news | liby group was awarded chinese annual top 30 best employers
2019-12-03 16:56:12

during november 29 to december 1, the award ceremony of 2019 china best employers and human capital international management forum were held in guangzhou. liby group stood out of 50096 applicants and was honorably titled “chinese annual top 30 best employers” by virtue of outstanding performance in evaluation indexes such as respect for employees, learning growth and development prospect.

annual top 30 best employers in china


“chinese annual top 30 best employers” is an investigation activity searching and evaluating the best employers and jointly initialized by zhaopin, an ecological talent leader, and peking university social investigation and research center. 2019 chinese annual best employers were initialized on august 12, titled “symbiotic career • efficiency foremost”, covering all industries around the country and with a total of 802264 enterprises gaining the privilege of “employer comment label”, 50096 applicants and 56 million employer comments. 


liby group winning the title “chinese annual top 30 best employers” was social recognition for the group’s value of employee development. chairman of liby group chen kaixuan put forward “talent layout determines strategic layout, strategic layout determines the destiny of enterprises”, and president chen zebin put forward “the group’s determination to welcome all talents is to provide employees with a stage to show themselves”.


for this purpose, liby group actively implemented young talent strategy, built a vigorous and innovative cultural atmosphere and an hr work shift mechanism, strived to realize “rejuvenation of cadres and talent diversification”, quickly promoted young talents to the management layer and recruited talents with a strong background.


focus on talent cultivation

talent reserve and training for the development of the enterprise to accumulate power. liby group attaches great importance to attracting young talents and building up a talent echelon with potential. it also provides a complete training system, including leadership, marketing, management, etc., to enable talents to grow and promote the development of the group.

young leader plan

college student training camp

support employee innovation

liby group encouraged employee’s enthusiasm for innovation and built innovation system and incubation platform. with the support of the group, new products were successfully developed and new brands were successfully incubated. moreover, liby group gradually built brand clusters covering indoor and outdoor household products. meanwhile, the group established “crab innovation” fund, held such activities as innovative marathon, offered abundant resources to employees through various forms of activities, motivated employee’s innovation ability, supported to implement employee’s creative ideas and built an innovative and vigorous cultural atmosphere.

liby big v development history

liby group innovation marathon


focus on employee care

the primary requirement of liby group is to actively responding to employee needs. the group built diversified channels, knew employee needs and listened to employee’s suggestions through daily morning meeting system, monthly two-level communication system, monthly talent interview system and chairman letterbox. besides, the group established employee care foundation and provided assistance for employees who suffered from severe diseases and accidental injuries or were from poor families and their parents, spouses and children. furthermore, the group established baby care room, staff canteen and dormitory and strived to build a good work environment and to offer more convenience to employees.

liby group was honorably titled “national model labor relation harmonious enterprises”


in future, liby group will continuously deepen employer brand value, value talent development, energize and care for employees, build a symbiotic career, constantly incubate efficient innovative talents and strengthen big daily chemical brands of the nation.

originated from “recruitment of liby group”

originated from “party building of liby group”
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