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good news! liby group was honorably titled “2019 national intellectual property superiority enterprises”
2019-12-14 17:29:15

recently, the state intellectual property office released list of 2019 national intellectual property superiority enterprises and liby group was honorably titled “2019 national intellectual property superiority enterprises”.

evaluation of national intellectual property superiority enterprises is national-level certification which is organized by the state intellectual property office and co-organized by provincial intellectual property offices and offers rigorous review criteria for applicants. except those recommended by provincial intellectual property offices, applicants should be titled provincial demonstration enterprises with intellectual property rights for consecutive three years.

as an intellectual property superiority enterprise of guangdong province, liby group was titled “2019 national intellectual property superiority enterprises” with an index score of above 90 in the evaluation. the list showed that liby group was the unique enterprise among top 6 domestic daily chemical enterprises.

attachment 2

list of 2019 national intellectual property superiority enterprises

(1965 enterprises)

enterprises with a score of above 90 of the index system among national intellectual property superiority enterprises: 1858



recommended by

enterprise name


guangdong provincial intellectual property office

foshan dongpeng ceramics co., ltd.


guangdong zhongsheng pharmaceuticals co., ltd.


mona lisa group co., ltd.


guangdong zhicheng champion group co., ltd.


yinlong new energy co., ltd.


foshan pratic cnc technology co., ltd.


perfect (china) co., ltd.


guangzhou fidek co., ltd.


guangzhou liby group co., ltd.


foshan huigu technology co., ltd.


guangdong zhigao air conditioner co., ltd.


guangdong hongtao ceramics co., ltd.


foshan linzhi high polymer material technology co., ltd.


qingyuan nfn ceramics co., ltd.


guangdong sanhe tubular piles co., ltd.


dongguan weimei ceramics industrial park co., ltd.


guangdong keer toys co., ltd.


guangdong little genius technology co., ltd.


guangdong shanggao technology co., ltd.


guangdong yizhimi precision machinery co., ltd.


liby group has attached great importance to technical r&d, has industry-leading r&d level and patents for invention more than the total of top 2-5 domestic peers (data source: official website of the state intellectual property office) and invests enormous special expenses in intellectual property protection every year.


liby group practices national standards for intellectual property management system of enterprises and has management standards consistent with and higher than national standards. since 2016, liby group has passed the certification for consecutive two years. while solidifying internal management, liby group strengthens external legal rights maintenance and started to initiate trademark infringement and patent infringement this year, which not only strikes infringement but also reduces the risk that consumers purchase rejected products.


intellectual property is an edge tool to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises and a part of strategic assets of enterprises. in future, liby group will continue intellectual property protection, offer a “protective umbrella” to our scientific achievements and contribute to its intellectual property library!


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