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strategic cooperation | liby group and yuechuang industry drawn a blueprint of big oral care industry
2020-01-02 17:16:49

on december 31, 2019, liby group and guangzhou yuechuang industry co., ltd. held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation in big oral care. in order to better implement “1 2” strategy of liby group and really make a key product in three-year strategic plan of liby group-oral care bigger and stronger, liby group and yuechuang industry carried out deep cooperation in building an industry-leading oral care brand, which symbolized that liby group opened up a chapter in developing the big oral care industry!

president of liby group chen zebin (right) and general manager of yuechuang industry zhang hai (left) signed a strategic cooperation agreement

driven by guangzhou liyi technological innovation co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of liby group, liby group made additional investment in yuechuang industry to deeply integrate oral care brands subordinate to liby group lantian liubuzhi, hhbaby, rexus and xiaobohe and build a domestic leading oral care brand specific to the development of medium and high-end children/adult’s oral products subordinate to yuechuang industry.    

in the signing ceremony, president of liby group chen zebin said: “the big oral care service items fully exploited, landed and practiced the group’s ‘1 2’ strategy and supporting the work of yuechuang industry was landing the group’s ‘1 2’ strategy. integration of big oral care service items reflected that liby group constantly thought, planned and arranged the big oral care industry around ‘how to make the big oral care industry bigger rapidly, stably, constantly and healthily’. all sectors of the group especially the sales sector should positively cooperate with big oral care service to make a success in the big oral care industry. this pattern not only landed ‘1 2’ strategy, but also showed the group a reproducible path to success, promoted sustainable development of enterprise and took the first step of a stronger ecosphere.”

since guangzhou yuechuang industry co., ltd. was established in 2016, it has been deeply rooted in the oral care market, built a biological parent-child oral care brand-shangyang oral care with the mission to enhance chinese people’s oral health and founded an oral care brand-nvr. yuechuang industry fully demonstrated superiorities in the development of oral care products by virtue of professional management team ability and product innovation capability in the oral care field and flexibility of new business model. 

as a domestic leading daily chemical enterprise, liby group initiated “1 2 strategy” in the end of 2018 and built supply chain platform led by multi-brand matrix and brand and channel platform to transform from a traditional manufacturing enterprise and a brand owner to an open platform-based brand service enterprise in the aspect of business model and realize digital management and sustainable development of enterprise. liby group’s further deep cooperation with yuechuang industry will become another important milestone for liby group to realize “1 2 strategy”.

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