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“opening ceremony” of “wanxiang laboratory” of liby group and liyi special seminar were successfully held
2020-01-20 16:53:12

in the afternoon of january 17, president of liby group chen zebin, vice president zhou xiaowen, vice president li junlong, chief scientist zhang liping and the business team held the opening ceremony of “wanxiang laboratory”, an innovative workshop, on 2a floor of west tower of liby center.


“wanxiang laboratory” is a product innovation platform subordinate to liby group, by which the r&d and purchasing group of the group together with partners of all fields provide relevant business teams with the latest news about industry trend and innovative application, enlighten group staffs’ eclectic, fantastic and extrapolative new inspirations and new ideas and facilitate the group to build high-growth new products and new brands faster, more efficiently and more conveniently.

opening ceremony of wanxiang laboratory

“wanxiang” means all-inclusive. “wanxiang laboratory”, with a creative painting drawn by a 5-year-old child as the image plaque, implies that the laboratory will bring infinite possibilities to the group and the industry. the official establishment of “wanxiang laboratory” symbolizes that liby group opens up a new chapter in development and application of innovative materials, packing materials and finished products!

plaque of wanxiang laboratory

in the opening ceremony, president of liby group chen zebin said: “wanxiang laboratory highlights an innovative and vigorous new image of liby group. we hope to gather superiority and strength of exports of all fields through this platform and future cooperation of a larger commercial space through combined with new thoughts and ideas of the group. presently, we need to set up a correct direction, advance towards an innovative future and create more glories in the path of innovation.” participants were choked up with emotions and excited.

president chen zebin made an address

guangzhou liyi technological innovation co., ltd. subordinate to liby group shoulders the mission to exploit a new racking track and build new brands for liby group and facilitates with landing and capitalization breakthrough of new channels, new products and new brands. to facilitate liyi to fulfill the mission and goal, wanxiang laboratory held liyi special seminar and invited three supplier partners to share innovative application in raw materials and packing materials, including global leader of edible essence and daily use chemical essence givaudan flavors and fragrances, world-leading transnational printing group mdk package printing co., ltd. and international supplier aofa (shanghai) atomizer co., ltd. with leading innovative liquid distribution technology. 

activity site

innovative aroma evaluation director of givaudan flavors and fragrances lynn guan and marketing manager viviane zhou shared trend of the daily chemical industry and innovative application of fragrance in the aspect of product function, communication mode and new product form and how to build an essence reserve warehouse satisfying and leading consumer needs to help liby products succeed was discussed on the spot.

givaudan representative made wonderful sharing

president in asia pacific of mdk package printing co., ltd. brighton and general manager in china shared new application of package label and a heated discussion was conducted about laundry detergent bottle label, digital watermark technology, personalized openable label, temperature variation label and ar label on the spot. what mdk shared offered more possibilities to package layout of liby products.

mdk representative made wonderful sharing

general manager in china aofa (shanghai) atomizer co., ltd. linda zhou and sales manager ren yuanbo shared innovative application of liquid distribution system (packing materials of spray guns), including packaging products of sprays used in such fields as household cleaning, air and fabric care, pet care and personal care, bubble-jet series products used for household cleaning, and edible oil spray, opus spray and double bottle technology, and so on.

aofa representative made wonderful sharing

soon afterwards, chief scientist zhang liping led the r&d team of liby group to introduce reserve and formula of products of household cleaning, personal care, skin care and cosmetics in the form of physical display, interactive experience and detailed explanation, which pushed the seminar to a new high. new formula samples such as cotton woven renovation tablets, concentrated granular detergent, magic scrubber and men’s skin are series shared by the r&d team received great attention.

the r&d team displayed product formula reserves

the seminar was successfully concluded with tumultuous applause. the success of the seminar fully responded to the company’s call to “become a brand-oriented, digital, innovative and vigorous intelligent service enterprise” and opened up a new chapter for liby group to continuously share co-creation activities. liby group will purchase sustained innovative application of products as always, lead technology and product upgrade of the chinese daily chemical industry, continuously promote consumption upgrade and contribute to the development of the chinese daily chemical industry.

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