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200 million yuan! liby group and cheerwin group donated materials to red cross society of china to help all designated hospitals nationwide
2020-03-11 09:40:32

“hospitals are in urgent need of materials, especially hospitals in many county-level cities, so we need to help them.” chairman of liby group chen kaixuan did not rest during the spring festival. instead, he either read the news about the epidemic, or had a telephone conference with the management layer on checking inventories of warehouses and arranging production of production bases in order to meet the need for market and donation.


(red cross society of china helped all designated hospitals nationwide together with liby group and cheerwin group)

with the spread of the epidemic, more and more people were affected and liby group and cheerwin group donated materials valued 200 million yuan to red cross society of china to help all covid-19 designated hospitals nationwide.

materials valued 200 million yuan were donated to all designated hospitals nationwide

on lunar new year's day, in the beginning of mass outbreak, cheerwin group owned by liby group organized a batch of disinfection products valued 5 million yuan to help guangdong and wuhan. company staffs even gave up the spring festival holiday and the opportunity to family reunion to rush back to the company at the first time building a delivery team and delivering materials to 33 covid-19 designated hospitals of guangdong province.

with the spread of the epidemic, hospitals were in urgent need of materials, especially designated hospitals in third-tier and fourth-tier cities faced more severe problem of material shortage. materials valued 200 million yuan donated by liby group and cheerwin group would be delivered to all covid-19 designated hospitals nationwide, including liby detergent, liby washing powder and liby multipurpose bleaching water which can effectively clean sickbed sheets of hospitals and work clothes of medical workers, as well as winking sterilizing package, baby health sterilizing package, winking 84 disinfectant in red bottle, winking floor detergent, winking household disinfectant, winking floor disinfectant, runzhisu hand sanitizer, runzhisu toilet water, cheerwin toilet cleaner, stubborn tail deodorizing and sterilizing spry and xilan children’s mask, to offer a safe and clean treatment and cure environment to front-line medical workers and patients.

it is learnt that in order to improve efficiency and deliver materials to designated hospitals within the shortest time, liby group initiated distribution logistics channels and warehousing systems nationwide and the sales team of all provinces was responsible for materials distribution. “what we should do is to meet the urgent need for materials of hospitals within the shortest time.” chen kaixuan said. as a national brand, liby should shoulder social responsibilities and actively give full pay to power in the face of disasters and difficulties.

production lines stepped up production and guaranteed supply

“during the spring festival, production bases qualified for production were under production and we should guarantee market need and donation need to be great extent.” chen kaixuan said. in the special period, staffs were highly motivated in production and tensely prepared for materials from supply chain to production and distribution to support the frontline.

it is learnt that production bases of liby group and cheerwin group were under production to meet the frontline need for products and guarantee regular market stability so as not to bring inconvenience to people's livelihood.

in future, liby group will pay constant attention to the epidemic situation and win “the epidemic” together with the whole nation!

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