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the secret history of dads of dad, where are we going 2
2013-12-22 09:54:10

    recently, dad, where are we going, the latest variety show of hntv, became a hit all over the country. five pairs of star dads and sons were highly praised by net friends for their excellent performance. as a result, many star dads became the focus of media. many net friends hope other star dads could join the program with their children and many dads showed parent-children photos in microblog. a new dad wave has swept across the country.  

  among numerous star dads, huang lei, deng chao and lu yi are candidates of dad, where are we going 2 in net friends’ mind. according to inside information, huang lei may most probably participate in the program. the production team discloses that huang lei is one of star dads invited. huang lei admits it and feels sorry for being unable to participate in the program because of schedule. huang lei also says in an interview that if he had a chance, he was very willing to participate in the program with duo duo and he has confidence in get along with his daughter. besides, qu zi ba laundry detergent, with huang lei as the spokesman, has established a cooperative relationship with dad, where are we going. by this token, it is certain that huang lei will participate in dad, where are we going 2.

 what kind of new dad will huang lei be? we can see from this microblog that he is good at cooking. however, dads’ cooking skill is a necessary part of the program. undoubtedly, other dads just need to wait for eating as long as huang lei participates in the program. “how to get along with children” is the most important and difficult for dads. but it is easy for huang lei. we can see from the advertisement of qu zi ba that huang lei gives a cordial feeling while getting along with children and perfectly interprets parent-child characteristic of qu zi ba. he can get along well with a strange child, let alone his own child. it seems we can feel his cordial feeling to children from his gentleness to his daughter in microblog.

  we believe that huang lei will give us more surprises if he joins dad, where are we going. so let’s wait and see what will happen.

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