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little daddy had a high audience rating, qu zi ba became interesting dad
2013-12-22 09:55:23

  little daddy, in which wen zhang does not portray himself, must be a child-raising tv play with the highest audience rating in september. yu guo, acted by wen zhang, is an unreliable “little daddy” after 80s. he has a father-son relationship with xia tian, a sensible son who returns from america. moved and inspired by family affection, yu guo finally realizes the responsibility of a father and grows into a responsible “interesting dad”. there are different kinds of props. for both yu guo in the tv pay and we zhang in reality, qu zi ba laundry detergent, an implanted brand in little daddy, is an edge tool.

washing clothes and doing housework are common things in family life. however, we don’t know why yu guo is titled “a family man” for rolling up sleeves and washing clothes of his son and female fans cannot help adoring him. yu guo washes clothes of his son using qu zi ba laundry detergent more than once and deep love between father and son enters each other’s heart with natural, environment-friendly and residue-free bubbles.

 in reality, qu zi ba is a “helping hand” for wen zhang to grow from an actor to a director. little daddy is written, directed, acted and produced by wen zhang. it is learnt that little daddy costs about 8 million yuan. relative to financing difficulties of other movies and tv plays, wen zhang acts in an unhurried manner, because qu zi ba has settled on little daddy early before it is shot and he has procured advertising expense of nearly 10 million. based on this, little daddy can recover the cost. no wonder wen zhang said brave words “i have never worried about distribution.”

  presently, the first round of little daddy has already been over. data shows that the audience rating remains the highest at the same time and the number of online viewers reaches up to 1.1 billion, surpassing all other tv plays. strongly requested by audiences, some tv stations have started the second round. it seems that the journey of “interesting dad” will go on…

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