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xie fuzhan, secretary of henan provincial party committee: hope xinxiang liby intensify technological innovation and product
2017-08-28 09:07:07

 “we should conscientiously implement new development idea, focus on improving development quality and economic performance, comprehensively enhance innovation ability and promote industrial innovation and transformation according to the spirit of ‘7.26’ important address made by general secretary xi jinping”, xie fuzhan, secretary of henan provincial party committee and director of the standing committee of the provincial people’s congress, stressed while researching xinxiang liby in the morning of august 16.

 under the company of general manager of xinxiang liby and his team, secretary xie fuzhan and this party carried out a deep research of xinxiang liby workshop and seriously learnt about its operating condition, industrial structure, innovation and reform project, automation process and future development strategy.

  secretary xie fuzhan was optimistic about the development prospect of xinxiang liby. he hoped that xinxiang liby could continue giving play to its advantages, improve quality and efficiency, conduct transformation and upgrading, promote sustainable, fast and healthy development, drive the development of small enterprises and influence the development of large enterprises. meanwhile, courteously told xu jianmin, general manager of xinxiang liby: “i hope xinxiang liby could give full play to talent and technical advantages, increase industrial investment, enlarge production capacity and raise market share. in the competitive daily chemical industry, xinxiang liby should intensify technical innovation and product upgrading, promote product structure adjustment and grow stronger and bigger as quickly as possible.”

  general manager xu jianming showed gratitude to leaders of the municipal party committee for their support and recognition and said: “xinxiang liby must focus on ‘quality first and benefit foremost’, earnestly perform the duties, promote continuous innovation and upgrading of technology and product, increase market share, grow stronger and bigger and make contributions to economic construction of xinxiang!”

(liby group)

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