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secretary ren xuefeng: i hope liby could strengthen industrial innovation and technological reform and become stronger!
2017-08-28 09:08:12

  in the morning of august 17, the opening ceremony of training class for non-party cadres upholding and development socialism with chinese characteristics of guangzhou city was grandly held in guangzhou socialism college. chen kaixuan, president of liby group, was invited to attend the ceremony as vice-president of guangzhou industry and commerce association and an excellent private entrepreneur.

 ren xuefeng, deputy secretary of guangdong provincial party committee and secretary of guangzhou municipal party committee made an opening speech and a special report. in two hours, secretary ren xuefeng talked about governing measures adopted by general secretary xi jinping and orientation and planning of the state council for guangzhou and even notified economic development and investment in the first half year, as well as future industrial layout, economic form and livelihood planning of guangzhou.

 he especially mentioned that: “does mr. chen (president chen kaixuan) come? liby is a pillar of traditional industries of guangzhou and a pioneer of chinese daily chemical industry. i hope liby strengthen industrial innovation and technological reform and grow stronger!”

 after the conference, secretary ren xuefeng asked president chen kaixuan to stay and had a friendly communication with him. he adopted president chen kaixuan’s suggestions for future planning of guangzhou and extended ardent expectations and warm encouragement to future development of liby group.

  president chen kaixuan said: “secretary ren xuefeng made an inspiring report. liby group must follow the decisions and arrangements of guangzhou municipal party committee and municipal government, boost the daily chemical industry, accelerate industry amalgamation and development and contribute to economic construction of guangzhou!”

(liby group)

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