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the topic “freak” flooded the screen, kispa called for skin-friendly hug together with ma weiwei and xiao xiao
2017-10-31 10:12:08

 according to “a research on hug indexes”, nearly 80% of chinese people think hug expresses love and less than 10% have the habit of hugging. in china, it is common that children “ask for a hug”. recently, kispa successfully launched a “debate on skin-friendliness” online together with star talk-show hosts ma weiwei and xiao xiao, in which appealed to parents to hug children for an intimate parent-child relationship.

  kispa launched a “debate on skin-friendliness” online together with star talk-show hosts.

 on may 31, ma weiwei hailed as “the king of freaks” posted a micro-blog against non-skin-friendly hug. she said frankly “a stiff hug raises my blood pressure, but a skin-friendly hug makes me happy”. she not only sent videos of secrets of skin-friendly hug, but also asked xiao xiao, another star talk-show host, to participate in the discussion. soon, xiao xiao made a response in microblog in support of skin-friendly hug.

  through interaction between two star talk-show hosts, # should a hug be skin-friendly # drew great attention immediately. net friends guessed: is it a new topic of let’s talk 4? do ma weiwei and xiao xiao prepare to form a debate team? just then, kispa, the initiator of skin-friendly hug, reclaimed the topic, made an explanation and invited net friends to participate in the discussion.

 curious net friends were suddenly enlightened and took an active part in the discussion in support of idols. # should a hug be skin-friendly # immediately ranked the hot search list with more than 290000 discussions and 130 million views. from then on, kispa successfully made a brand-based debate public using the popularity of let’s talk.

  celebrities made a surprise attack and skin-friendly hug enjoyed popular support br>
 it seemed as if the debate was recreated by itself if # should a hug be skin-friendly # came to an end soon. surprisingly, opinion leaders, famous media, cross-border celebrities, emotional experts, scriptwriters and authors also got involved and voiced different opinions. microblog appeared to be a special performance of let’s talk & kispa for a while.

  “skin-friendly hug creates a closer relationship between men and shortens the distance between hearts. thus, a hug should be skin-friendly!” # should a hug be skin-friendly # finally came to a conclusion after kispa set the tone of it.

   “skin-friendly hug” can get family members closer, improve the relationship among them and make families more perfect. passing human skin irritation test, kispa can make clothes skin-friendly and irritation-free and “skin-friendly hug” more perfect. we can see that “skin-friendly hug” is a super action symbol of kispa connecting brand emotion to product function. after “freak” debate is conducted nationwide, “skin-friendly hug” enjoys more popular support and kispa successfully occupies the market of high-end clothes care and cleaning products.

  kispa takes advantage of let me go, baby 2 to initiate live “variety show”.

  n fact, it is not the first time that kispa seizes an opportunity to “stir up things”. in the beginning of may, kispa took advantage of let me go, baby 2 to initiate live “variety show” together with yu xiaotong, a popular young star.

 with online viewers up to 1.09 million, the live show set a new record of live shows of the same kind on the same platform. kispa imperceptibly built user’s brand trust through scenarized placement and numerous net friends have been successfully brainwashed after watching the live show.

  besides, kispa raised concern and discussion using phenomenal live variety show. as a matter of fact, the topic “hug” touched user’s nerve and aroused sympathy. net friends participated in the discussion and were more clearly aware of the positive role of skin-friendly hug. some net friends said: “tanks kispa for the reminder. i will have a skin-friendly hug with families from today.” maybe it is the greatest value of the activity.

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