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kispa won marketing effectiveness gold award! kispa honorably won marketing effectiveness gold award of 2017golden flag award
2018-03-29 14:29:44

on november 24, the 1st public relations and globalization & communications summit forum and 2017 golden flag award aware ceremony were held in beijing. kispa, a high-end skin-friendly cleaning brand, gained favor of experts and honorably won grand prize and marketing effectiveness gold award based on outstanding performance in effective marketing. ms. hu shan, general manager of the brand department of kispa was titled “2017 golden flag celebrity”

 ms. hu shan (the 5th on the left), general manager of the brand department of kispa, accepted grand prize of 2017 golden flag award on behalf of kispa

  ms. hu shan (the 2nd on the left), general manager of the brand department of kispa, accepted marketing effectiveness case gold award of 2017 golden flag award on behalf of kispa


 ms. hu shan (the 2nd on the left), general manager of the brand department of kispa, was honorably titled annual celebrity of 2017 golden flag award

the fierce competition of annual public relations and globalization & communications event created another new high.

golden flag award is conducted yearly for public relations events of brand owners, public relations, advertisement, marketing and digital agencies from across the world. a group of typical cases leading the global development trend of public relations and highlighting unique value of public relations are appraised and elected.

it is reported that as “oscar of communications”, golden flag award collects nearly one thousand cases this year. through nearly 6 months’ review, kispa was recognized and appreciated by judges by “kispa skin-friendly hug integrated marketing communication project” and successfully won marketing effectiveness gold award. while competing for “grand prize” with all winners participating, the project stood out of 23 candidates through 3 rounds of vote and gained the laurel “grand prize”.

judges considered that kispa breaks through the limitations, carries out continuous innovation and opens up a way of characteristic integrated marketing through “three magic weapons”: developing a super action symbol, taking advantage of hotspots and opening online and offline channels.

kispa succeeds in building a super action symbol-skin-friendly hug. skin friendliness is the core concept of kispa products and upholding “high-quality parent-child companion” is the emotional proposition which kispa has always been adhering to. research shows that hug is an action representing an intimate relationship between parents and children. kispa realizes that when parents and children hug each other, the more skin-friendly parents’ clothes are the more willing children are due to comfortable sensation. based on this, kispa creates a super action symbol “skin-friendly hug”, which is a perfect connection between brand emotion and product function.

kispa succeeds in taking advantage of three hotspots of the year. in the project, kispa skillfully uses three hotspots: let me go, baby, which is a phenomenal variety show, let’s talk 4, which is the earliest founder of network variety show, and 618 father’s day. in april, let me go, baby 2 sponsored by kispa became a hit variety show and yu xiaotong gained popularity from net friends by paternal love. then, kispa used the rising popularity to release skin-friendly hug emojis and demon videos and customized variety show escape with a baby, yu xiaotong challenges a novice dad of let me go, baby, which was set to be the first in “skin-friendly hug”. in may, let’s talk4 triggered a debate craze again. kispa launched the first brand-sponsored online debate activity of microblog “should a hug be skin-friendly?” together with ma weiwei and xiao xiao, which attracted consumers to get deeply involved and interpreted “skin-friendly hug”. on june 18, kispa used father’s day, the 1st anniversary of shanghai disney resort and the year-end promotion to build online and offline skin-friendly hug experience, intensify brand image on father’s day and transfer the action of skin-friendly hug into sales.


kispa succeeds in integrating users and opening online and offline channels. from may to june, kispa integrated online and offline communication and channel resources and realized full coverage of users. based on the influence of crossover cooperation with shanghai disney resort, kispa launched world’s first tv advertisement shot in the resort, which told a fantastic skin-friendly story. moreover, kispa launched #great, my good dad# activity together with microblog master and invited users to share interesting news of skin-friendly hug. kispa also “coronated” dads with skin-friendly in shanghai disney resort. kispa carried out “wonderful moment, happy dad” skin-friendly hug coronation activity on june 18. huang lei shared his feeling of “skin-friendly hug” online, dads and cute babies of let me go, baby performed waltz and babies coronated dads. meanwhile, 27 offline interactive experience live shows were conducted in 12 cities to create 3d skin-friendly experience. for terminals, 3000 gold stores of a uniform theme style built a contact network for the most central business areas and consumers in order to transfer product and shopping guide resources into sales.


 brilliant data and achievements help solve the problems and gain both fame and wealth

relevant responsible person of kispa told reporter: “kispa has been facing the problem that its awareness mismatches market position since 2017. ‘kispa skin-friendly integrated marketing communication project’ acted appropriately to the situation and solved the problem by characteristic integrated marketing communication”.

““kispa skin-friendly integrated marketing communication project” was jointly built by liby group, guangzhou megahive media co., ltd. and linksus marketing (guangzhou). it is reported that the project had an exposure of 4.2 billion. after the project, consumer’s awareness of “skin-friendly” of kispa products increased by 17%, the market penetration rate increased by 1.4% and the market share of all products created a new high. as one of the most influential public cases in 2017, “kispa skin-friendly integrated marketing communication project” won two awards of golden flag award veritably. we hope that kispa continue to seek an effective link between brand and consumers, carry out more creative, influential and meaningful marketing activities and give more surprises to the industry and consumers.

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