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with a 20-year journey in the daily chemical industry, liby has been a green and healthy pioneer
2018-03-28 10:07:27

editor's note: data source: on march 8.

among the list of green manufacturers released by relevant authorities, liby, a domestic famous brand of cleaning product, was selected into “green factories” and “green design products”. liby is proud of 38 own products of 58 household detergents in the list of green design products. obviously, liby’s green health achievements are highly recognized and of great significance.

green consumer demand promotes green economic development

we look forward to cleaner water source, fresher air and greener and healthier food in daily life, which is the driving force of green economic development. china’s green journey requires combining green production and green health, guiding producers to carry out green production and facilitating consumers to carry out green consumption through improving legal systems for green consumption and design of fiscal taxation policies and other systems for green consumption.

with emergence of green demand and governmental support for green and environmental protection, industries make new requests; especially the daily chemical industry makes an active response. the daily chemical industry cannot be separated from public life, fabric care and cleaning, tableware cleaning and household cleaning are closely related to the environment, and green material manufacture and green product are essential for transformation and upgrading of daily chemical enterprise, which is also a trend of industry development and consumption upgrading.

liby has taken green and environmental protection as the core development idea since it was established in 1994. in 2016, liby officially released “green health strategy” and built green factories based on technical r&d of liby green life research institute in the hope of guiding green consumption in the aspect of green material, green formula, green technology, green manufacturing and green product.

consistent with consumer demand, liby supports green upgrading

consumers pay for products and the need for green health must be satisfied by products first. by virtue of strong technical r&d strength, liby carries out “green production” and all detergents are developed in accordance with “green health and green cleaning” concept. in recent years, liby launched detergent free of flourescent brightener, washing powder with no irritation to hands, detergent for food and other “healthy, safe and environment-friendly” products and passed the man-friendly and environment-friendly concept. as a result, liby is well received in the market and set up an example of green and environmental protection.

from the point of green health, liby upgrades green production based on strong scientific and technological strength, develops public habit of green consumption and explores a new blue ocean for upgrading green and environmental protection of the daily chemical industry.

green health achievements are authoritatively recognized and liby guides green and sustainable development

presently, international and domestic environmental protection organizations and media pay great attention to the “green journey” featuring harmony between economy and environment, green and low carbon and sustainable development. liby has been adhering to the concept of green and environmental protection and its green health achievements obtained for over two decades have been highly recognized inside and outside the industry. liby won international carbon-value award “wec innovation value” award early in 2016, which is the highest honor for enterprises performing social responsibilities based on low carbon concept. besides, liby has the only “key laboratory of green cleaning products of chinese light industry” of the cleaning product industry among the first key laboratories of chinese light industry and 36 patents for invention relating to green and environmental protection, among which washing power concentration technology featuring “water and power saving, energy conservation and emission reduction” honorably won china patent excellence award. in addition, liby has gained such honors as china national light industry association science and technology award issued by the industry association and science and technology progress award of guangzhou city and guangdong province.

presently, renewable resources account for more than 70% of raw materials of detergents of liby group and the biodegradation rate of raw materials reaches above 90%. in the journey of green and environmental protection, liby pushes “plant power”, a green and healthy gene, to a strategic level this year, advocates applying natural cleaning power of plant to green cleaning, takes care of families from the source and further deepens the brand concept “give you a green and healthy home”. liby not only persists in green and sustainable development, but also hopes to realize green and sustainable development of the entire industry chain and facilitate green and environmental protection of chinese cleaning product industry. while protecting the environment and the earth, liby devotes itself to providing green and healthy products consistent with consumer demand. the brand slogan “liby gives you a green and healthy home” is a commitment to consumers.

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