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liby cross-border incubator, diversification strategy was launched
2018-05-17 15:15:46

on may 17, chestnut valley incubator subordinate to liby group is established in liby center. it is an important layout of diversification strategy of liby group following guangzhou international medicine port.

“we aim to build chestnut valley as a business incubator with internationalized incubation ability within five years.” chen zebin, co-ceo of liby group and general manager of guangzhou liyi technological innovation and investment co., ltd., said to reporter of financial report of the 21st century. mainly engaged in the daily chemical industry, liby hopes to build a platform, make concerted efforts with other enterprises, innovate and try more and complement big daily chemical industry and fmcg industry.

last year, liby group achieved sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan and ranked china’s first and world’s fourth in the sales volume of detergent. dishwashing liquid, washing powder, laundry detergent and disinfectant have always maintained the leading industry position. as competition of the daily chemical industry becomes increasingly fierce, profit becomes increasingly meager and liby started to accelerate strategic transformation of big daily chemical industry, big fmcg industry and massive health industry in recent years.

cross-border incubation industry /strong>

it is reported that guangzhou liyi technological innovation and investment co., ltd., the operator of chestnut valley incubator, is a wholly-owned subsidiary subordinate to liby group. chestnut valley incubator project is implemented by two stages. in the first stage, “popular innovation space incubator” is operated based on liby center in white swan pond business district. in the second stage, “popular innovation space incubator accelerator industrial park” whole chain mode is built based on relevant industrial parks of liby group.

chen zebin introduced that chestnut valley incubator, with the development strategy “green health, intelligent technology and perfect experience” and by virtue of ecological industrial resources of liby group, will incubate and cultivate new product, new mode and new technology featuring “innovation subversion, technological upgrade and product derivation” and consistent with consumption upgrading need of the big daily chemical industry.

according to plan, chestnut valley incubator mainly introduces products of fabric cleaning, home nursing, green new material, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end personal care, intelligent customization experience, daily chemical and life health, intelligent manufacturing, internet of things and industrial design.

“we will give priority to projects directly related to existing industries of liby and combined with consumption upgrading, such as intelligent cleaning or those related to future life trend”, said chen zebin. presently, an e-commerce enterprise and a hairdressing project have entered chestnut valley incubator.

zhang weiliang, president of guangdong high-tech business incubator association, told reporters that the incubation industry of guangdong boomed in the past three years. by the end of april, 2018, there have been more than 1600 incubators and popular innovation spaces in guangdong province, which ranking top in china and shows a professional, nationalized and chain-based development trend. 。

feng mengjue, secretary general of guangzhou neeq enterprise association, told reporters that there are 450 neeq enterprises in guangzhou city and nearly 4000 consistent with neeq listing requirements. in his opinion, many excellent projects and enterprises will have great development prospects if they can utilize superior social resources.

chen zebin said that liby group has invested 20 million yuan in infrastructure of chestnut valley incubator and will offer supporting funds. it may probably seek partners and raises funds in order to further promote the development of chestnut valley incubator.

chen zebin said that liby group has invested 20 million yuan in infrastructure of chestnut valley incubator and will offer supporting funds. it may probably seek partners and raises funds in order to further promote the development of chestnut valley incubator.

in recent years, the daily chemical industry became increasingly competitive and general trends such as health, green and environmental protection request more and more for product r&d. meanwhile, product high-end orientation and intelligence and marketing channel diversification brought new challenges to daily chemical enterprises. according to analysis, chestnut valley incubator is hopeful to absorb more new ideas from outside and innovates r&d, sale and channel of liby group in many aspects.

according to information, chestnut valley incubator will adopt “platform energization” organizational design and implement “project incubation partner” development mode. incubated enterprises can be preferentially selected into relevant industries of liby group for industrialized operation.

take e-commerce projects which have entered chestnut valley incubator as an example. a worker of chestnut valley incubator introduced that the conglomerate e-commerce company has offered all-round services to liby, cheerwin, baby health and liu bi zhi subordinate to liby group and a hair care brand will be launched during june and july this year. liby group holds shares of the above two projects in varying degrees.

presently, liby mainly engages in daily chemical products such as fabric cleaning, household cleaning, tableware cleaning, household disinfection, air refreshing and hair care, facial care, oral care and body care and has such brands as kispa, doctor cleaning, cheiie, cogi, cheerwin, baby health, weking, liu bi zhi, bluesky, xilan and sugar girl.

as to selection criteria for equity project, chen zebin thought, “all industries relating to industry chains vertical to daily chemical industry and fmcg industry and focused on civilian industry products and intelligent life are extensible. liby will innovate and try more to complement main businesses, since they may become a part of strategic development.”

meanwhile, such resources as upstream and downstream industry chains, marketing channel, promotion mode, capital, technology, r&d, production platform and tutor team of liby group can provide incubated enterprises with all-round services in production, technology, r&d, channel and marketing mode. “it depends on whether incubation projects need such services. if so, they can communicate with related departments.” said chen zebin.

                                                                                               data source: financial report of the 21st century on may 1821



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