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the ranking list of “women’s favorite products” of sohu fashion in 2017 was announced
2018-03-29 14:31:29

2017 was drawing to a close. in 2017, the world became increasingly diversified with restlessness and people became increasingly concentrated with fashion trends. however, stylish women show a broader vision, a more mature consumption view and personal charisma of a more independent mind using beloved quality products.

in such a year with less blindness, brand owners felt more difficult to laze, overwhelming products were weapons of the struggle for the heart of young women, and brand concept and value were an assistor of these weapons. who was the winner? the answer was worked out at the end of the year.

in the ranking list of “women’s favorite products”, every product stood out of a large number of products with good sales as a good sales and pioneer of the industry. how to be the most popular with women? the ranking list may give you the answer.

reason for ranking: it is the first laundry lotion in the market and a skin-friendly product highly recommended by stars, fashion insiders and hot moms. it ranks top among products for hand wash once launched.

lotion in the market and a skin-friendly product highly recommended by stars, fashion insiders and hot moms. it ranks top among products for hand wash once launched.

reason for recommendation: as a high-end skin-friendly cleaning brand, kispa is characterized in “skin-friendly and irritation-free”. containing threefold olive oil essence, the laundry lotion is mild, smooth and suitable for close-fitting clothes and baby’s clothes. hands are smooth after washing. with strong cleansing power, it can remove oily pen stain which is most difficult to clean. it is worth mentioning that the detergent is easy to rinse and leaves no residue after rinsed once. thus, it conforms to the concept of energy conservation and environment protection of the modern society.

reason for ranking: it is the best-selling hair care product in amazon and the first choice for many japanese women such as popular actress ayase haruka, who is a loyal user of it.

reference price: 129 yuan/540ml. product introduction: the product concept of tamanohada, which has started producing pure natural care and cleaning products since 1892, coincides with the spending spree nowadays. with plant formula and concise shape design, it becomes the first choice for many women. 004 gardenia is the best-selling shampoo in amazon and one of the most curable silicone oil-free shampoos in japan. featuring fresh, elegant, foamy, fine and smooth, easily cleanable, silicone oil-free, durable and dry and comfortable, it is known as “no hair washing in three days”! it has passed ul certification of the most authoritative bodies in america and at least 28% of materials of the bottle body are biological materials, which is helpful for environmental protection.

reason for ranking: it is a whitening essence with the highest repurchase rate which is recommended by cosmo fashion insiders and won the best breakthrough science and technology award and elle china annual whitening essence award.

reason for ranking: it is a whitening essence with the highest repurchase rate which is recommended by cosmo fashion insiders and won the best breakthrough science and technology award and elle china annual whitening essence award.

reason for ranking: it is a star product with sales of 100000 ranking top in duty-free stores. it was the bestseller on november 11, 2017.

reference price: 1280 yuan

product introduction: foreo prevails this year. foreo first applies silica gel, a material with unique characteristics, to precision anti-aging and facial cleaning apparatuses and gathers specialized knowledge and wisdom of skin expert, cell biologist, aesthetic designer and mechanical engineer. with international fda certificate, silica gel is suitable for all kinds of skin. once the product has been prevailing in the beauty industry and the fashion industry once launched. vogue uk highly praises foreo luna mini2 as “it sparks a new revolution of beauty and skin care and skin will turn moist, tender and bright after luna mini2 is used for only three days.” the silica gel brush head of foreo luna mini2 is non-allergic and suitable for tender skin of asians. it is durable and resistant to bacteria and the brush head needs not to be replaced. how come that such a safe, mild and useful anti-aging beauty apparatus is not popular?

reason for ranking: it is a product wining makeup award of allure in 2017, the most professional makeup magazine in europe and america, and can awaken elegant nude makeup

reference price: 362 yuan

product introduction: urban decay, which was born in 1996 in newport beach of california, is one of the fastest-growing brands of america’s luxury retail industry and has been acquired by l'oreal. earth color eye shadow palette of urban decay 12 basics with limited sales is characterized in elegant makeup “fog face and nude color”. 12 new colors are a double of that at ordinary times! except for classic naked basics, brand new colors such as caramel orange and reddish brown are newly increased, so as to refresh people’s love at sight of naked eye shadow palette.

reason for ranking: it is one of the most famous perfumes in the world and a miracle in the history of perfume. a bottle is sold every 30s.

reference price: 818 yuan/50ml

reason for ranking: it is the best-selling health care product in amazon and a nutraceutical for skeleton highly recommended by american hospitals.

reference price: 142 yuan/120 pcs.

product introduction: schiff is a leading brand of natural nutritional products with a 70-year history and one of the most trustworthy and respectful brands for health care products in america. schiff is especially famous for joint care products and its gmp (good manufacturing practice) has passed the strictest nnfa (national nutritional food association) certification. schiff has become a benchmark of the industry in uniformity, purity and stability of product quality. named 维骨力 and 关节灵 in chinese, move free of schiff is the preferred skeleton care product for american hospitals.

reason for ranking: it is the most famous brand of classic incense in france and a histories luxury born for romance

reference price: 295 yuan/70g

product introduction: diptyque, a top brand of incense in paris of france, has conquered the world since it was founded in 1961. parisian regard incense candle as the necessity for a fashionable life and loyal followers such as karl lagerfeld, kate moss, sophie marceau and catherine deneuve are captivated by her fragrance! berry incense is a masterpiece of diptyque and the first choice for many people. it is so elegant and gentle that you cannot help imaging bulgarian rose and blackcurrant beside waters as well as glittering fresh green leaves.

reason for ranking: it has ranked top among high-end intelligent toothbrushes. it provides individualized tooth care and can improve health of gingival in two weeks

reference price: 1499 yuan

product introduction: since the product was used by gianna jun in my love from the star, it has won the highest honor of red dot award “best of the best” award. as a result, the toothbrush which ranked top in media and websites became the best seller and was out of stock once. with strong cleansing power and perfect user experience, the product creates a shortcut for consumers to brighten and whiten teeth and still enjoys a high popularity now! the brush head can clean the specially needed part using new non-fixed hair planting technology and remove dental plaque in gingival line, molar area and tiny unsmooth area on the tooth surface. thus, philips diamond sonic electric toothbrush is an intimate product!

reason for ranking: it is the bestseller of like products in amazon and its original material completely changes user experience of napkin

reference price: 189 yuan/72 pcs.

product introduction: always napkin is a high-end product subordinate to p&g and world’s first liquid napkin. featuring free of fluorescer, ultra thin, skin-friendly and strongly absorptive, it is a napkin brand most popular with women in america and canada. always ultra thin napkin adopts anti-side leakage infinicel technology and has an absorption capacity tenfold over its weight. it has good air permeability and absorptivity within 8h, gives users the sense of comfort and completely subverts user experience of traditional napkins!

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