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“sacrifice the second half of life for environmental protection”
2018-05-22 16:07:51

president chen kaixuan displayed positive energy of commerce in the new era as a guest of dialogue of cctv2


5in the evening of may 13, president of liby group chen kaixuan made a stage pose with another 5 entrepreneurs as a guest of dialogue of cctv2. he shared how liby group built positive energy of commerce and cases of “the power of heart” behind business operation, displayed responsibility and patriotism of liby group and passed positive energy of commerce in the new times.


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ignore proper occupation? the purpose of engaging in cleaning products is to maintain “green hills and clear waters”

president chen kaixuan mentioned in the interview that: “liby focused more on products, whether they hurt hands or whether there were residues. but now we give consideration to both products and environmental protection, which is a pain spot of the whole society, because the environment has a direct impact on health and life.”

he also took an oath: “i am determined to protect the environment and fight for protection of green hills and clear waters in the self half of my life!” in his point of view, we should not only produce green and healthy products, but also have the sense of social responsibility for taking the lead in protecting the earth and preventing environmental pollution. therefore, we should make concerted efforts to protect the earth and green hills and clear waters.

as a leading enterprise of chinese daily chemical industry, liby group released the first “green and healthy strategy” early in 2016 in the water cube. driven by technical r&d of liby green life research institute, the strategy mobilized upstream and downstream industry chains and realized green material, green formula, green technology, green manufacturing and green product, so as to usher in a green revolution of the cleaning product industry.



cultivate successors of dealers and elites of the society

““we are families of dealers, so we are responsible for helping them improve. some dealers have struggled together with us for more than two decades and some are above 60 years old. their management falls behind the society and the times, so it is quite necessary to help them cultivate successors in order that their business becomes better and better. we invested more than 10 million every year and have invested a total of more than 100 million for more than a decade.” he mentioned.

most importantly, liby group teaches successors corporate culture and knowledge of supply chain, marketing, business management and finance. successors are trained for two years and training materials are taught by full-time tutor. some children of dealers have taken over the family business, some become a capable assistant of their parents, some run their own business and some become a new dealer of liby. “it is worth doing. they can grow stronger and bigger and serve and repay the society.” he also said.



run business wholeheartedly, build heart-to-heart connection and pass positive energy

while mentioning the reason for business growth, president chen kaixuan said: “we depend on family culture and careful management, win the trust from consumers, customers and employees and win the market wholeheartedly.”



he emphasized that: “as long as we treat employees as families wholeheartedly, they will work hard. it is the power of heart and such ‘the power of heart’ is powerful and infinite.” careful management gradually changes employee’s mentality. they are more willing to study and innovate and constantly improve their work. as a result, their performance improves. every employee endeavors to improve their temperament and contribute more to management. it is a huge power which pushes liby forward.

talking about the source of “the power of heart”, president chen kaixuan mentioned “ten hearts” culture which he was enlightened and summarized in 2008, “patriotism, gratitude, affinity, sharing, altruism, tolerance, simplicity, common mind, introspectiveness and self-confidence”, in order to encourage himself and employees to create true happiness, maximize own value and pass positive energy. he also mentioned, based on “ten hearts”, to build heart-to-heart connection among consumer, employee and customer and pass positive energy so as to open up a multi-win pattern.


what president chen kaixuan shared and talked truly reflected the entrepreneurial spirit in the new times and passed positive energy of commerce. “i will strive for protecting the environment and green hills and clear waters in the second half of my life!”. his oath moved and inspired all employees of kaisheng and liby. we will struggle for this objective and make greater contributions to green hills and clear waters of the motherland.

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