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how cute they are! liby center welcomed the first little scientists
2018-05-30 16:41:12

in the afternoon of may 11, a group of cute “little scientists” in white gown came to liby center with their parents. following the commentator, they visited the green, scientific & technological and professional green life research institute of liby group and the high-end and elegant liby exhibition hall. finally, little scientists rolled up their sleeves and made toothpaste together with teachers from the research institute. capable and brave little scientists applied baby health mosquito repellent liquid and stretched pudgy hands into a cage with mosquitoes. seeing mosquitoes escaping, they roared with laughter.

what on earth happened in liby center? who were these little scientists?

it was a green exploration journey, a “heart-to-heart” activity launched by li le jia, a membership platform of liby group. children from yile kindergarten formed “little scientist” team and visited liby center with the company of parents.


first stop of “green exploration journey”

green life research institute of liby group



covering an area of above 9000m2 and equipped with high-end precise instruments, the laboratory of the green life research institute can accurately determine known or unknown chemical substances contained in raw materials and products in order to ensure excellent performance, safety and reliability of raw materials and products. the laboratory conforms to the r&d concept of liby group “green and scientific & technological” and practices an entire r&d system from selection of green plant materials to final products.

as what was introduced by the commentator, inlet pressure, temperature, ph and water hardness of all washing machines were regulated by the control system and washing water used by all washing machines was uniform in order to ensure parallelism and accuracy of test. according to difference in climate and water quality of different areas, different temperature and water hardness can be set to simulate cleaning performance of products in different areas.


second stop of “green exploration journey”

culture exhibition hall of liby group



little scientists widened their horizon and parents exclaimed. liby group has so many brands and products and “kispa”, a high-end washing brand popular with parents, is also a brand of liby group!


 third stop of “green exploration journey”

the journey of scientific research in experimental base



knowing that liby products were developed through strict and professional processes and visiting so many products, little scientists were eager to make a simple piece of toothpaste!

the experiment was backed by liu bi zhi ho ho baby, which provided little scientists with edible green and safe materials and ho ho baby toothpaste so that children could enjoy brushing their teeth at home. the teacher taught children how to brush teeth, prevent tooth decay and select healthy toothpaste. while waiting for finished products, little scientists were experiencing the strong effect of baby health mosquito repellent liquid. 。



baby health mosquito repellent liquid is mainly made of lemon-scented gum extract. the teacher allowed children to observe lemon-scented gum leaf. mosquito repellent liquid is easier to make than toothpaste. it can be made just through mixing several solutions in proportion. children should spray mosquito repellent liquid onto their hands and stretch them into “a cage with mosquitoes” to check whether it makes sense.



after two experiments, prizes and certificates were presented and li le jia affirmed little scientists for their performance. for children, it was an extraordinary day, during which they not only visited the factory and learnt a lot of everyday scientific knowledge, but also widened their horizon and exercised their expression ability.

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