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internet party building” mode of liby group planted party class “brain and heart
2018-06-28 15:20:02

in the “internet ” era, how to correctly treat and combine new things and new phenomena? how to use “internet ” as a new carrier of party building ideological and political work? guangzhou liby group co., ltd. has constantly innovated the form and content of party building work and enhanced the effect

  chen kaixuan, president of liby group, said in the inaugurating meeting of the party branch: “expenses of an enterprise are limited to a budget; while expense of party organization is excluded. i will offer unconditional support as long as they are in favor of party work and enterprise development.”

  based on this, the party committee of liby group has constantly innovated the form of party building and by means of “liby party building ‘cloud college’” project opened a “convergence media era” for party building ideological and political education. “cloud college” optimizes and integrates online and offline media using network technology, integrates multimedia and carries out learning and education through cloud (cloud storage) and combined with “micro-lesson”, activity “live show” and “online point”. it realizes “brain networking” of party member, becomes a carry-on classroom so that party members can study whenever and wherever as a receiver and a transmitter, enables unlimited contact and communication between party member and party organization and motivates party members to carry out learning and education.

  ““discussion-based” education promotes “deep coverage” of party class

 the party committee of liby group sets up “liby micro lesson” in wechat official account, regularly pushes theories and policies of the chinese communist party according to production & management and social focus and enables party members to study whenever and wherever the questions which arouse their concern. besides, the party committee carries out “party member shakes, secretary chats” activity in “secretary’s afternoon tea” and party members across the country may get a chance to chat with the secretary by wechat “shake”. at 10:00am on august 30, 2017, liu zhongyi, customer manager of nantong added wechat id of secretary xu xiaodong and had a video chat with xu xiaodong, who was in liby center 2156km away. within 20 minutes, liu zhongyi introduced his work environment to the secretary excitedly and underwent “counseling: separately……4 of 7 party members who got the chance of a “one-to-one” dialogue discussed and talked freely with the secretary, which overcame the difficulty in coverage. indeed, party building of liby group covers every grass-roots party member and gives them a chance to have “face-to-face” communication with the secretary of the party committee.

  “scene-based” education opens up a “catalysis era” of party class

  on may 31, 2016, liby party building live program was opened. the party committee of liby group followed up party building activities, comprehensively displayed party building innovation and breakthrough and interacted with party members and net friends in real time using a mobile phone and an anchor and with vivid language and fashion content, which brought a refreshing breeze to the live platform. net friends from 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions got involved and non-public organizations from qinghai, chongqing, zhejiang and hunan visited and studied in liby group.

  ““experiential” party class is “rooted in brain and heart”

 the party committee of liby group closely integrates learning and education into promoting patriotism and party class into promoting production and sale and popularizes enterprise- party organization-enterprise 1 2 party building sales promotion mode. meanwhile, the party committee actively guides party members to play an exemplary and vanguard role, organizes and carries out activities such as “overcoming technological difficulties” and “laboratory skill contest and technology quality”. in order to conform with o2o party class education, the party committee of liby group and galuminum group carry out “party member service entering enterprise” and dispatch party members, especially party members of the head office of liby group, to experience the sales process at the front line (the sales volume reach 936 in 1h and is 4-5 times of daily average sales volume), practice party class offline and turn party work building into productivity. 。

  ““liby must earnestly carry out party building as a career and persistently pursue it as a belief.” said president chen kaixuan.


data source: china comment on june 28

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