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non-public enterprise party building made liby “popular”
2018-07-05 15:22:13





founded in 1994, guangzhou liby group co., ltd., a leading brand of chinese cleaning product industry, produces washing powder, detergent, washing soap, laundry detergent and builders which have a good market in china, and has won many honors. liby group has adhered to party building leadership, actively explored an effective way to strengthen party building work of non-public enterprises. thus, liby group has been concerned and commended by central and local party committees at all levels as below:

in 2012, the discipline inspection commission of liby group built anti-corruption “coordinates” system and become a direct contact point of the central commission for discipline inspection;

  in 2013, liby group was selected into top 10 excellent non-public party organizations and popularized nationwide by the organization department of the central committee of the cpc and became a model of party building work of non-public enterprise in china;

  in 2016, liby group built the first domestic party building activity online platform and became the first domestic party organization which carried out party building work online;

  in 2017, liby group invested more than 10 million yuan in and freely provided space and service personnel for building “guangzhou non-public economic organization party building exhibition hall” with an area of nearly 3000㎡, which was an pioneer and a non-public economic organization party building exhibition hall with the largest scale and the most complete information in china.

these achievements are originated from what president chen kaixuan keeps saying over and over: “the growth of liby cannot be separated from the leadership of chinese communist party and reform and opening-up policies. liby will always remember the mission and feel grateful for and stand up for the communist party.”

liby has always persisted in integrating non-public enterprise party building work into corporate objective and gradually formed a “family: characteristic development mode combining work and party building. the party committee of liby group has become an influential advanced party organization of non-public enterprises in china.

  significance of party building: “provide striking key points” for liby

 chen kaixuan, president of liby group, introduced, as a national enterprise rising with “the reform and opening-up”, liby has developed rapidly as a soaring dragon since a modern enterprise system was established and set up an example for national enterprises. nevertheless, party building work provides striking key points for liby. it is just because of these “striking key points” that liby pinpoints the direction and remains ahead of time.

 presently, liby has explored and formed such long-term mechanisms as party committee participation system for great decision and party member discussion system for production and management, formed a work pattern “party member is responsible for key positions, technological breakthroughs and difficulties” and gave full play to the “critical role” of party organization in great decision and operation management.

  implementation of party building: put it into practice and bring it into effect

 for liby, party building is a red line connecting corporate culture and value in series and a helping hand to make an overall planning and enhance employee’s cohesion and sense of belonging. in turn, liby attaches great importance to whether party building is put into practice and brought into effect.

 liby group not only actively carries out education on honest employment and anti-corruption and establishes “the coordinates” for fighting corruption and upholding integrity, but also strives to build guangzhou non-public enterprise party building exhibition hall under the guidance of non-public party work. it is learnt that non-public enterprise party building exhibition hall in liby center has become an important platform and window for non-public enterprise party building of guangzhou city and displays achievements and contributions made by liby for non-public enterprise party building.

as a private enterprise with the best party organization in china, liby will continue to put party building work into practice and bring it into effect, actively explore an effective way to strengthen party building work of non-public enterprises and make more active and useful explorations for the development of non-public enterprise party building work.

date source: ziguangge on july 5



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