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innovation “media” of liby’s party building
2018-07-09 15:23:40


party building innovation is an important part of grass-roots party building. with the booming internet technology, especially the emergence of new media, the political ecological environment and the ruling environment of the chinese communist party have been changed drastically. for this reason, “internet party building” has become an important way to deepen ideological and political education and boost information-based party building in the internet era and the only road to strengthen party self-building and conform to the needs of the time.

the party committee of liby group actively implements the requirements of the central government, regards internet and new media as an effective way to intensify grass-roots party building and fires up the engine of party building innovation by virtue of new media from the aspects of learning and education, organizational construction and party member practice. as a result, it has become a well-known “innovative enterprise” throughout the country and a pioneer in china in many aspects: becoming a private enterprise with the best party organization, building the first non-public economy party building exhibition hall, publishing the first non-public enterprise party building innovation theory monograph, innovating and implementing party member point management method, building the first party building activity online platform, initiating “party member shakes, secretary chats” activity and building the demonstration site with socialist core values. thus, liby group has become one of the most influential non-public enterprise party organizations in china.

ⅰ. new media promotes innovation of learning and education

intensive party member education is an effective way to promote grass-roots party building. however, time fragmentation, personnel decentralization and three-shift work of enterprise have always contained enterprises and their party organizations from intensifying party member education, and difficulties in coverage, absorption and effectiveness of party class became key problems to be solved. the party committee of liby group took new media as an important carrier and opened up a new way of party member education.

specific to party member decentralization, the party committee of liby group carries out party member education based on wechat remote information exchange and initiates “party member shakes, secretary chats” activity: secretary of liby group selects party members of liby across the country using wechat “shake” and chats with them. by this way, secretary of the party committee conducts “one-to-one” ideological education on party members in jiangsu, anhui and xi’an, which breaks temporal and spatial constraints and facilitates deep coverage of party member education.

in order to ensure broad coverage of party member education, the party committee of liby group initiates “network broadcast of party building activity” and becomes the first party organization which carries out live show in china. on may 31, 2016, the party committee opened “liby party building” network broadcast of and built the domestic first party building activity online platform. red anchor tracked party building activities online in real time, displayed party building innovation of liby and exchanged with party members across the country and net friends. “live show of party building activity” enabled party members who had the problem of time fragmentation to participate in party building activities of the group through scene building and became an important propaganda window and a party building platform.

ⅱ. new media promotes innovation of organizational management

challenged by heavy task, fragmented time, insufficient labor and decentralization while carrying out grass-roots party building in a traditional way, the party committee of liby group makes the best of resources while standardizing organizational management and realizes “online management” of party member by virtue of new media.

carry out online clock-in management. since 2015, the party committee of liby group carried out “three conferences and one class” party building activities using “wechat official account” and built “online” basic ledger. party organizations and party members kept records on party building activities through online registration, clock-in registration and online click. in order to effectively manage party members and raise party member’s aware of introspectiveness, the party committee innovated and practiced party member point assessment method. according to more than 20 indexes in morality, ability, diligence, performance and honesty, online lock-in was turned into an assessment index and the party committee published and publically evaluated points of every party member regularly, so as to make party member management public and transparent and effectively arouse the enthusiasm of party member to participate in activities.

promote online party affairs. in order to make the best of quickness and diversity of wechat group information, since 2015, the party committee of liby group has tried to encourage party branches to use wechat group to carry out party affairs, keep in contact with party members, solve work problems and innovate party work, especially activities requiring “simultaneously online” and extensively participated were publicized online and taken as an important part of “online party building work” of party branch. the party committee built 3 wechat groups for exchange among party members, work discussion of party branch and communication of party affairs. 8 party branches also built wechat group and online platform. party members and cadres joined different groups and the party committee could get the information instantly and carry out party affairs timely and purposefully.

carry out regular organization activities online. whereas party members are scattered and busy with work, the party committee guides grass-roots party branches to build online platform for regular organization activities using new media. particularly, they liquidize resources and build online channels using wechat group. for example, party branches have carried out online knowledge learning using wechat group since june 24, 2017. at 8:00pm, party branches released 5 questions, party members vied to answer the questions first and the winner got reward. after that, party members were organized to review questions. this method broke temporal and spatial constraints of centralized assessment, utilized fragmented time of party member and aroused the participating enthusiasm of party member and their awareness of self-study and self-improvement. moreover, the party committee and party branches carried out discussion about notification of party building work, sharing of feelings of participating in activities and popularization of party building knowledge by wechat group irregularly, which realized intimate interaction, timely contact and full exchange and effectively improved normalization and standardization of regular organization activities of the chinese communist party.

ⅲ. new media realizes innovation of organization service

the tenet of the chinese communist party is “serve the people”. the key of realizing party building innovation and strengthening party building is to put into practice, implement the tenet and fulfill the admission oath. the party committee of liby group exploited advantages of new media, innovated party building, with wechat official account “liby party building” as the carrier built a self-service and one-stop service platform integrating party building publicity service, effectively solved the problem of “serving the people within a kilometer” and served employees, enterprise and the society wholeheartedly.

in “fulfill the tenet and lead the service” party member service activity conducted by the party committee of liby group in 2018, since online self-service party membership transfer was opened, the party affairs department “registered” party membership transfer in wechat official account “liby party building”. as a result party members may handle membership transfer through special channel, and fill out and complete related information according to the template. the system collects information and submits them the party affairs department. this measure greatly facilitates party members of liby group, especially overseas party members, to handle membership transfer and reduces difficulties and time cost.

other than party membership transfer, the party committee also enables online registration of party member information, online collection of party membership dues and online reservation of party building activity. under the leadership of the party committee, party organizations take follow-up actions: the discipline inspection commission opened secretary’s mailbox and the labor union opened online application and renewal of residence permit, reservation and application of supplementary medical insurance, hospitalization consolation application and employee advice feedback successively, which made wechat official account “liby party building” a 24h party building service platform. new media not only reduces routine work and labor cost, but also enables party members and employees to handle daily routines at home, on which they used to spend a lot of time and energy. besides, employees and the masses verify how party organizations implement the tenet of the chinese communist party and practice the admission oath, feel party organization’s sincerity to serve employees, enterprise and the society and truly appreciate their advancement, cohesion and leadership.

                                                                                               data source: on july 9



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