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liby honorably won “my favorite top 10 brands of guangdong”
2018-09-29 12:42:37

on september 28, the award ceremony of “the night of guangdong brands in 2018-my favorite guangdong brands” was held in guangzhou, in which liby has the honor to win “my favorite top 10 brands of guangdong”. directed by the leading group office of guangdong province responsible for building a big quality province and guangdong quality and technology supervision bureau and sponsored by xinhuanet guangdong co., ltd., gdtv economic channel and guangdong research institute of outstanding quality and brand, the award ceremony has been divided into “building strength on the basis of brand”, “driving the future through innovation” and “gathering strength for a new journey”.

the award ceremony was intended to develop quality safety awareness of enterprises of guangdong province, standardize their integrity management, publicize quality system construction of guangdong province, popularize a business card of “quality of guangdong” and facilitate to transform from made in guangdong to created in guangdong, from guangdong speed to guangdong quality and from guangdong products to guangdong brands.



the award was voted by xinhuanet client and liby was overwhelmingly selected into top 10 brands. during production of green and healthy detergent for more than two decades, liby has stridden forward and gained acceptance inside and outside the industry. liby was regarded as a surveyor's pole of chinese daily chemical industry. as a representative of chinese brands, liby will adhere to the brand concept of “giving you a green and healthy home”, keep up with the times, carry forward the low-carbon spirit, pass green positive energy, perform csr, make continuing efforts for environmental protection and light up chinese brands worldwide.


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