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saluting a new era, liby made a new leap
2018-11-01 12:52:50

recently, liby won the honorary award of “top 40 brands in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up” and the memorial prize of “2018 great brand annual summit” successively, which highly affirmed the development history of green and healthy products of liby since it was founded 25 years ago.

since it was founded in 1994, liby has adhered to selecting natural materials and providing millions and millions of families with green and healthy cleaning products. till now, liby has developed into a leading enterprise of the daily chemical industry. 。


in 2018, liby was invited to co-founded “great brand” and won the honorary award of “top 40 brands in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up”. besides, it responded to the national strategy of “building a great power on the basis of brand” together with excellent chinese brands and actively facilitated chinese enterprises to transform from made in china to created in china and from chinese products to chinese brands. in the course of consumption upgrading and accelerating, a “chinese power” which cannot be ignored emerged in the international market.


on october 31, vice-president of liby group chen kaichen attended the grand ceremony of top 40 brands. the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up and paid his respect to the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up!


vice-president chen kaichen expressed that in the past four decades, the reform and opening-up endowed chinese brands with tenacious vitality. nowadays, at a new historical starting point, national enterprises should create new miracles using “great wisdom”, strengthen brand building and scientific and technological innovation capacity, upgrade wisdom in china, strive to build worldwide influential chinese brands, realize the goal of building a great power on the basis of brand and lead the development of a new era.


the reform and opening-up provides many enterprises with a platform to fulfill their dreams, an opportunity of equal entrepreneurship and a market environment of fair competition. liby takes advantage of reform and opening-up policies to become a core force of the chinese daily chemical industry.

liby shows gratitude to times, cherishes opportunities, embalms responsibilities, stays true to the original intention and commits itself to building a trustworthy brand and ushering in a green and healthy life concept.


meanwhile, liby, as the first brand of the daily chemical industry invited to join great brand, won the memorial award of “2018 great brand”, which affirmed the growth of liby in the past 25 years.


co-ceo of liby group chen zebin was present at 2018 the great brand annual summit, in which he deeply discussed the theme of “chinese brand shared by the world” with guests and shared brand building of liby in the new era.


liby’s exploration of brand communication gains acceptance of guests. for one thing, liby takes the preemptive opportunities in mainstream authoritative media, lays the foundation for publicizing the authority of brand and solidifies the value of great brand. for another, liby breaks through online and offline new 3d communication channels, conducts personalized content marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, actively interacts with consumers and elevats brand likability.


a great brand was built in 25 years. winning two awards, liby created a new high and made a new leap!

liby extends gratitude to the chinese communist partyparty, the government, reform and opening-up policies and all sectors of society for their trust and great kindness! after a 25-year extremely hard and bitter history of entrepreneurship, liby does all it can to catch up and bravely strives for a world-class brand!

in future, liby will stay true to the original intention and forge ahead with determination! liby certainly will grasp changes of the consumer market, conform to consumption upgrading, open up a brand new journey of “green and healthy strategy”, strive to make greater achievements, passes a “business card” to the world as a chinese national brand and show them the power of liby!

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