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let me go, baby 3 makes a strong return and kispa is as skin-friendly as before
2018-12-28 15:42:25

  a young variety show let me go, baby 3 has been on tencent video. handsome young boys such as wang jiaer, chen xuedong and huang jingyu lead a group of cute babies to live a dreamy life, which makes us laugh and touches us. except that elder brothers take good care of babies, kispa accompanies them as before. kispa not only takes good care of babies, but also protects them at every previous moment.


  kispa plays an important role in let me go, baby. babies have tender skin, their clothes are easy are contaminated easily and they have to change their clothes several times every day. the clothes must be cleaned frequently to keep their bodies clean. however, clothes may easily become hardened, worn and uncomfortable if they are cleaned repeatedly. it is safe to clean clothes of babies using kispa skin-friendly laundry lotion for machine wash.

 in line with the product concept “skin-friendly and irritation-free”, kispa develops laundry lotion for machine wash. kispa skin-friendly laundry lotion for machine wash contains 123 skin-friendly ingredients for cleaning and care, including enzymes specifically against stubborn stains, olive oil essence in double concentration and triple cleaning polymers. featuring skin-friendly and irritation-free, kispa can be used to clean children’s clothes and close-fitting clothes and offer skin-friendly protection of children.


 every moment of children’s growth is precious. kispa, a high-end skin-friendly brand, is willing to protect children with skin-friendly and irritation-free clothes and enables them to enjoy being taken care of by comfortable and close-fitting clothes and usher in every precious moment in a healthier state.

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