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launch event of kispa, a high-end skin-friendly cleaning brand, was held on the great wall with huang lei and jackson yee
2018-12-28 15:43:11

on april 9, 2018, kispa, a high-end skin-friendly cleaning brand, held a brand upgrading and new product launch event on the great wall. huang lei attended the event and jackson yee voiced support by video. since its establishment, kispa has adhered to high-end positioning and the product concept “skin-friendly and irritation-free”, grown rapidly into a high-end skin-friendly cleaning and care brand of china and gained acceptance of consumers. in future, kispa will create more precious moments together with huang lei and jackson yee.

in the event, kispa stuck to the concept “just for a valuable you”. huang lei shared every precious moment represented by every piece of clothes of his children in the riding track of the great wall, which resonated with audiences. we believe that every dad is willing to spare no pains for a previous life of their children just like huang lei. however, kispa strictly selects cleaning solutions and easily and effectively wash previous clothes so that your clothes always take on a new look.

jackson yee shared the story between him and kispa with audiences by video. he became attached to kispa in variety show let me go, baby. he highly appreciates the product concept “skin-friendly and irritation-free” and has always hoped to witness every previous moment when he spares no pains to realize his dream with every piece of clothes cleaned using kispa.

except for good performance of two spokesmen, brand new skin-friendly laundry lotion for machine wash was launched in the event, which was another attempt and challenge of kispa since laundry otion was initiated. kispa skin-friendly lotion for machine wash contains 123 skin-friendly ingredients for cleaning and care, including enzymes specifically against stubborn stains, olive oil essence in double concentration, irritation-free and with no harm to clothes. its three kinds of functions can maintain cleanness and newness of fiber. the detergent remains skin-friendly and irritation-free and improves cleansing power and softening performance. kispa applies the brand concept to products again and will give us easier and better cleaning experience in future.

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