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daily chemical giants started the material defense war, liby broke through the disinfection product industry chain and pressed......
2020-03-27 10:03:13

daily chemical giants started the material defense war, liby broke through the disinfection product industry chain and pressed “shortcut” to fight the epidemic

during the spring festival of 2020, an unexpected covid-19 epidemic swept china. with the spread of the epidemic, shortage of epidemic prevention materials made everyone worried. the most common daily chemical products such as disinfectant and bacteriostatic sanitizer were behind the requirement for frontline hospitals and shopkeepers.

    beset by logistics constraints and production halt during the spring festival, the whole nation anticipated to deliver epidemic prevention materials to designated hospitals across the country. as expected, many manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials resumed work and distributed materials within tens of days to protect health and safety of medical workers and consumers. 

    as a domestic leading daily chemical enterprise, liby group and cheerwin group accumulated unforgettable experience in “fighting the epidemic”. “disinfection products valued 200 million yuan” “were delivered to more than 2000 designated hospitals around 363 cities” and “the epidemic is an order”……on january 27, chairman chen kaixuan ordered all employees to join the epidemic-containing action against time.

reviewing the epidemic-containing action, liby group and cheerwin group became an epitome of many enterprises in support of epidemic prevention and control and manifested the mission and responsibility of the daily chemical industry to contain the epidemic. 

just as what chen kaixuan said, after the epidemic took place, related products should be developed to guarantee material supply, stabilize prices and popularize common science and enterprises should take actions and always stand beside consumers. however, liby, as a national brand, should shoulder social responsibility and actively exert power in front of disaster and difficulty.

disinfection products valued 200 million yuan were delivered to the frontline

cheerwin sent a “challenge letter to the epidemic”

    “medical masks are in urgent need”, “protective clothing is in urgent need”, “disinfection products are in urgent need”…… covid-19 spread rapidly at the beginning of the spring festival, help information took up social platforms and media overnight and an alarm against “urgent need for materials” of frontline hospitals was sounded across the country.

    during the epidemic, protective materials were as important for medical workers as corselet and ammunition for warriors, among which disinfection products were a rigid demand like masks. “common consciousness is to wear the same clothes.” protective materials were in urgent need and it was a test on production and coordination ability of enterprises.   

    a special conference call was convened within liby group on january 22. cheerwin group controlled by liby group decided to donate disinfection products valued 5 million yuan to designated hospitals in hubei and guangdong. on january 25, the first day of the lunar year, the first batch of products donated by cheerwin group was delivered to the second people's hospital of guangdong province and other designated hospitals successively. it is reported that this batch was delivered by the delivery team made up by employees of liby to save time and improve distribution efficiency.

    after the first batch was delivered, liby group prepared for material supply on a larger scale. with the spread of the epidemic, liby group and cheerwin group decided to donate and distribute disinfection products valued 200 million yuan to designated hospitals across the country on january 27. facing difficulties, chen kaixuan expressed liby people’s common wish to fight the epidemic- hospitals are in urgent need of materials, especially hospitals in many county-level cities, so we need to help them.” chen kaixuan did not rest after the outbreak. instead, he either read the news about the epidemic, or organized to check inventories of warehouses and arranging production of production bases to resume work.

    in this way, liby people in harm’s way raised the curtain of containing the epidemic and liby group and cheerwin group got involved in the epidemic-containing action against time. materials were delivered to the construction site of leishenshan hospital on january 29, wuhan jinyintan hospital, wuhan caidian district people’s hospital and wuhan no. 4, no.5 and no.9 hospitals on february 7 and mohe central hospital in the northernmost of china on march 13. materials have been distributed to all designated hospitals in advance by march 15……

large daily chemical enterprises such as liby were affected by the epidemic in sharp increase in urgent replenishment orders of brand service providers, but liby never hesitated about donation. in addition, cheerwin group requested all brand service providers not to raise the price of disinfection products in writing on january 22.  

    chen kaixuan said, “facing the unexpected nationwide epidemic and disaster, we liby people should make a difference and we must stand out, shoulder the responsibility and do something. we should advocate, lead and motivate the society to contain the epidemic by practical action.”

broke through the industry chain of disinfection materials 

materials valued 200 million yuan were delivered in advance

it was not easy to deliver materials valued 200 million yuan throughout the country. although “a letter of challenge” has been issued, even large daily chemical enterprises like liby faced great challenges.

    to resume work, factories should give consideration to epidemic prevention and control, ensure material supply in the upstream and quickly elevate capacity……facing the epidemic, every task was a heavy burden and an indispensable mission of liby. chen kaixuan’s worry and anxiety were visible before the eyes while recalling the assistance course.

    “we must deliver products to frontline hospitals against time at all costs!” chen kaixuan recalled when he was sleepless for a night, “i felt very anxious and i was thinking how to deliver products as faster as possible!”

productivity improvement became the biggest difficulty for the supply chain team. it is learnt that only maanshan and panyu bases could produce disinfection products before the spring festival. to improve capacity, the company quickly filed an application to higher authorities for increasing three production bases. to put into production as quickly as possible, the project team worked overtime for days for technical transformation to enlarge capacity of production line.

    it was not enough for liby to solve production problems and it was very necessary to ensure adequate supply of raw materials in the upstream. “stressed, we had to help suppliers apply for work resumption in advance with government sectors.” vice president of liby group xu xiaodong said, “we promised municipal governments to offer rigorous safety protection to workers and they offered understanding and support.”

    upon commencement, employees all over the country started to return to work on a large scale. the management layer felt gratified for production workers, who withdrew from the joy of reunion and immediately worked in three shifts, for their full understanding and cooperation. in the meantime, liby group prepared for disinfection and epidemic prevention among all workshops in order to ensure production safety of employees. 

    breaking through logistics transportation route became the last barrier for material assistance of liby. according to logistics distribution plan, disinfection products valued 200 million yuan weighed more than 10,000t and needed to be transported by at least 1000 heavy trucks with a load distance of 400,000km. to improve transportation efficiency, liby group urgently initiated nationwide distribution logistics channels and warehousing systems and even motivated brand service providers of all provinces to join frontline distribution. 

liby told us that the last vehicle filled with disinfection products was unloaded on march 15. liby group and cheerwin group completed delivery of materials valued 200 million yuan to all designated hospitals around the country in advance with delivery fee up to 10 million yuan.

capacity of disinfection products doubled

the daily chemical industry upgraded or accelerated

completing urgent allocation in spite of difficulties and driving the industry chain to overcome difficulties, liby and cheerwin caused a great echo in the industry. lately, the ministry of industry and information technology officially released the first national key enterprises of epidemic prevention and control, with liby group and cheerwin biotechnology subordinate to cheerwin group included.

insiders said liby group, as a large daily chemical enterprise got exercise in the material assistance and set up an example of a community of the daily chemical industry chain for upstream and downstream partners, which was of great significance for future development of enterprises.

as liby group and other daily chemical enterprises actively offered help and strongly resumed work, the need for disinfection products of frontline designated hospitals and various shopkeepers was eased.

    according to information released by the ministry of industry and information technology on february 24, there have been more than 480 manufacturers of disinfection products by february 24 and daily output of main disinfection products such as 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer and ethyl alcohol have increased by 207%, 151% and 270% respectively compared with that in the end of january by february 20. 

    with respect to development prospect of the daily chemical industry, the outbreak indirectly pushed rapid upgrade and transition of the industry. analysis showed that consumers had a better understanding of disinfection products and there were more choices of disinfection products after the epidemic. moreover, portable sterilizing package and sterilizing spray and sterilizing effervescent tablets suitable for travel would be more used by consumers and other daily chemical products would be featured by sterilizing and bacteriostatic.

    liby group told us that through years of r&d, it has had vast stores of patented technologies for sterilization and bacteriostat and will launch relevant products according to demand “pain spot” to satisfy consumer needs. chen kaixuan said: “2019 novel coronavirus is an unknown virus that makes us frightened and insecure. i think enterprises should stand out at this moment, take actions and stand beside consumers whether in material supply guarantee, price stabilization, science popularization and product r&d.”

originated from national business daily

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